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Resident Evil 6

TGS Trailer Features Wesker's Kid, President Zombie

If you missed Tokyo Game Show this year, Capcom is trying to make it up to you. The company has released the Resident Evil 6 trailer they showed at TGS, which features a ton of zombies -- including a glimpse of the ever-popular President Zombie.

Resident Evil 6 features a who's who roster from the series, including Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Sherry Birkin. And thanks to some careful editing, Wesker's kid Jake Muller doesn't appear to be the annoying wretch that he actually is. Watch the dang video below!

Resident Evil 6 is due out October 2 on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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  • I'm President Zombie, and I approve this message
  • Chris and Leon in the same game, fighting each other at that. As soon as I can I'm gonna get this...seeing a showdown between the two coolest RE characters in existence alone would be worth the price. That and this trailer make me sad I won't be able to pick it up at release.

  • Hmm. I might pick this up in December if it is good enough. Too much going on until then though, with the Wii U and whatnot

  • I really can't wait for next week. ^_^
  • Cool trailer, been meaning to play the demo this past week but Borderlands 2 has taken all my free time to itself.
  • I hope the game plays as good as it looks
  • I watch the trailer and I get really excited for this game, but when I played the demo I wasn't into it at all. Maybe there is something wrong with me...

  • El Zombidente

  • Jeff just totally missed out on a President Evil joke that could have been made.
  • i saw the movie Resident Evil: Retribution and i just got Resident Evil: Damnation Blu-ray and waiting on RE6 LOVE IT NOW who waiting on it

  • So ridiculously epic in proportion... the culmination of all the RE entries before it.

  • Remember kids capcom never said RE6 is survival horror they however did say it's dramatic horror. Now what is horror? Is it the spooky shadow that crossed the room or is it the possessed kid crawling in the ceiling? Imo horror is everywhere like the horrors of war, the horrors of terrorism even the horror of a robber in your house. So horror is everywhere not only in the dark mansion filled with monsters(like Jill said in RE1) so please don't whine because you're not forced to buy or even play the game so BACK OFF!!

  • it's either I get this game or assassin's creed III......

  • k, like i've said in every other post related to re6, i didn't look at any of the trailers and i don't want to know anything else about the game...just the release the F&^%&*G game already and then we don't have to look at anymore trailers and any spoilers to the game...goodness...i swear this is the worse resident evil to date because we knew so much about the game and it hasn't even come out yet...
  • This right here is solid proof RE6 is not a horror game. It is a good game, yes, but it is not a horror game.

  • Okay, so Sherry dies. Thats a good thing right?

  • This game looks absolutely amazing! I heard that there were some camera issues previously, so I hope that they've addressed such concerns by the release date.

  • awesome!

  • One more week!

  • Deffinately picking this up.

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