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Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3's 'Top Of The Food Chain' Video Features Absurd Action

Far Cry 3 is looking better and better with each new reveal. The latest installment in the Island Survival Guide provides a look at Hoyt Volker, the leader of the militaristic Privateers. It wouldn't be a Far Cry 3 video without a few over-the-top sequences, and the clip doesn't disappoint.

According to the narration from former CIA operative Agent Huntley, Volker is a pretty bad individual. He's into human and drug trafficking, among other illicit activities. Fortunately, hero Jason Brody is a capable commando in his own right. If you're not convinced, wait until you see him ride into an enemy roadblock, jump over the front of his moving jeep, and attack a bad guy on his way down. It may be fudging the laws of physics a little tiny bit, but it looks ridiculously cool.

Look for Far Cry 3 in stores December 4. Also, take a look at the previous Island Survival Guide here in case you missed it.

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  • This game just looks so ridiculously good!
  • More of this.

  • This game is shaping up to be fantastic! My only concern here would be that it's not coming out soon enough!

  • I can't wait to see the map editor.

  • Wow! At first I did not think this game was going to be good. but as more and more of it comes out It's starting to look really really good!

  • Chuck Norris approves this game
  • It looks good, but I'll pass.

  • Did he hurdle a jeep? What did he find the nano suit from crysis?
  • This game is coming along better and better with every new video I see.

  • Staff

    This game looks absurdly awesome. I really like the idea of dismantling the enemy's organization instead of just hunting him down and killing him. I hope it's not just window dressing for a linear set of story missions.

  • XD

  • I hope it plays as good as it looks, but I have hope.

  • I remember one of the most annoying aspects of Far Cry 2 was when jeeps rushed and killed you. Now, jeeps that rush me are simply propelling me to my next target.

    GOTY people.

  • Man this game looked so awsome, was seriously considering getting it...but then i saw all the complete BS in it with the sister of Voss...and now i will definitely not be getting it...so disappointed, really wanted it
  • I want so bad for them to show us the Community island!

  • Looking so Cooooooooool

  • Don't sleep on this game guys. It's gonna be good.

  • I have been meaning to play the others and now I have some serious incentive.
  • Man, this looks like hecka fun!

  • One of the 5 Holiday games I'm looking forward to most. Gonna be sick. =]

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