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Grand Theft Auto V

Passing The Time In Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games has released a few more screens from Grand Theft Auto V, and they show some of the more fun things you can do when you aren't pursuing a life of crime.

Whereas the last batch of screens was themed around transportation, these trio of shots showing parachuting, dirt biking, and tennis. Either that, or they show two getaways and a potential gang meeting about to take place.

Looking at Rockstar's screen gallery on its website, there are three more blank boxes, so it may be safe to assume that there are at least as many shots still to be unveiled. Hopefully soon.

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  • This game is really starting to seem huge.
  • Looks very crispy. Still....San Andreas HD please.
  • omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg. If I had panties, they would be off right now.

    Edit: Is it just me or does the guy on the parachute look a lil like Luis Lopez?
  • Looks sick. Can't wait to hear more.

  • I will be at the midnight release for this. And my Xbox will not be off for at least 2 weeks.
  • Equal access to corn dogs will cause an unparalleled time shift in dimensional cold cut sandwiches without milk.
  • These are all PC screen shots right?
  • GTA IV is one of my favorite games of all time, this is already looking to easily top it.
  • This game looks more amazing with each screen shot. Cant wait!

  • Can't wait to play it.
  • never managed to complete san andreas but is just so awsome that even if it didnt live up to the hype it would still be amazing
  • I know it's just some pretty screens, but R* games just look better than the competition... Cant' wait for this one!
  • Looking good! Keep those pictures coming Rockstar.

  • you the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words,' I can only think of four. Game Of The Year!!!
  • I hope its like san andreas, I liked GTA IV but not as much as SA.
  • Can't wait for this game. I still have fond memories of the pizza delivery missions from Vice City. And the pimping missions from San Andreas were good times as well...
  • The tennis screenshot looks like a real life picture from a country club or something similar.
  • San Andreas = best previous gen title ever made GTA V = best current gen title ever made
  • cant wait for this, looks better tham ever

  • GOTY 2013
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