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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Teases GTA V With Trio Of New Screens

In what's now become an Internet tradition, Rockstar Games says "jump," and everyone says "How high, sir?" Today, the calisthenics revolve around three new screens for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto. And wouldn't you know it, they have a theme: transportation.

The screens, which you can see in the gallery below, show a car, a bicycle, and a small jet airplane. If the Cheetah looks familiar, it's probably because you've been driving variations of it since GTA III.

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  • Man o man

  • Sweet. Day 1 purchase.

  • its always nice to see how im gonna get around but i want to see how i get to kill people the story im going to be playing... Nut i know ill probably buy it anyway sigh GTA series what would i do without your senseless violence and character development??

  • I like how Rockstar didn't even mention the name of the game in this post, just put the word "Transport" and uploaded three screenshots and got thousands of comments. I remember back in April and August 2011 when they released some new Max Payne 3 screenshots after being tight lipped for a long time, those posts didn't even get 300 comments. Now in this post we have more than 6000 comments in less than 2 days. That's about 20 times more comments (300X20=6000) than the comments in Max Payne 3 post so it means GTA V will sell atleast 20X more copies than Max Payne 3. This game is gonna be huge and it will own every other games in the market including Call of Duty. But we need to have patience to play "the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created."

    Max Payne 3 post from April 2011: www.rockstargames.com/.../max-payne-3-screenshots-update.html

    Max Payne 3 post from August 2011:www.rockstargames.com/.../new-max-payne-3-screenshots.html

  • they didnt mention that they will release 3 new screenshots this week

  • The screens look great!

  • Cool!

  • Man, this game is gonna be hecka legit...

  • I'm getting so anxious for this game!

  • great

  • I am gonna have sooo much fun with that jet