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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Teases GTA V With Trio Of New Screens

In what's now become an Internet tradition, Rockstar Games says "jump," and everyone says "How high, sir?" Today, the calisthenics revolve around three new screens for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto. And wouldn't you know it, they have a theme: transportation.

The screens, which you can see in the gallery below, show a car, a bicycle, and a small jet airplane. If the Cheetah looks familiar, it's probably because you've been driving variations of it since GTA III.

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  • Not sure, but is that car showing off a random license plate?

  • Looks great!!

  • I cant wait. Right now its the only game Im really looking forward to. Need a release date please!

  • I wonder if you would be able to own a private air-strip, so you can have your own set of jets. Oh the possibilities....

  • The screen of the car looks supremely better compared to the other two....weird

  • meh
  • Graphics look remarkably better than GTA IV...

  • i want dat car !

  • The Cheeta looks amazing.

  • I can't wait for this to come out

  • The new engine looks great. I gotta hand it to them, it is amazing how easily Rockstar Games can steal the spotlight just by showing as much as 3 screenshots! Testament of Rockstar Game's success!

  • Yes! And more is coming this week!

  • Jets? Sign me up!

  • Wow! GTA V looks absolutely incredible, and jets too! Got to love those jets!

  • I have the strangest hard on right now...

  • Mod

    wow those are some nice graphic.

  • Oh man, those shots are not really showing much of anything are they? Yet, I am so excited, and greatful for any trickle of news or new pics. I can not wait for this game. I really can't. It's starting to hurt quite bad. I bought sleeping dogs, and that has helped, somewhat. Then I see screen shots like those and I go all weak in the knees.

  • It's looking amazing so far. It's been a while, since I've been excited for a GTA game.

  • GTA is one of if not the best game series in history, the fact that Rockstar pays attention to detail is just f-ing awesome, just stop with the teasing and give us a f-ing release date please.

  • New GTA V info is always welcome, even if it's just a few screens.