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Dead or Alive 5

Brad Wong And Eliot Confirmed For Dead Or Alive 5

Neither of these characters are new to the Dead or Alive universe, so it's no surprise to learn they will appear in Dead or Alive 5, but it's always nice to see old friends (beat the crap out of each other).

Along with the announcement there are some screens showing the two duke it out and sharing a lovely meal. Tecmo has also sent a long the first episode of its Fighter Chronicles series that features the team behind Dead or Alive 5 walking around outside talking about the future of their beloved series.

Dead or Alive 5 is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 25.

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  • This keeps getting better and better.

  • It's nice to see that the people making the game are really passionate about making it the best they can. Also, was that guy wearing a Florida Gators shirt? Seems odd to me.


  • I got the demo for pre ordering Ninja Gaiden 3 and I felt that it was a bit fresh the new cinematic stages and character builds are great but with as much happening on screen as there is I see some players having trouble with it

  • Eliot ought to be good as per usual...

  • Cant wait for DOA5 to come out.

  • Okay, NOW I'm interested in this game again. Rig slightly made it interesting, but now that two of my go-to guys are back, I'm definitely interested in this.
  • This will be fun...... I hope

  • I'm sure these guys are super passionate about DOA5...but it looks like not that big of a leap up from DOA4 or DOA Ultimate before it. This series has always suffered from a lack of evolution - they all owe a TON to Dead or Alive 2 on the Dreamcast. Even visually, they haven't evolved their style enough. Kasumi and Ayane are slightly less busty now, and have less enormous eyes, and slightly more realistic skin, but everyone else are still a little too doll-like for my tastes. And all the actual fighting systems and animations still feel pretty identical, game to game, to me. I mean, they're lucky that what they have is EXCELLENT (best mix between depth and accessibility out of any fighter, I say), but still...it's not fresh anymore.

    Of course, if you've never played a DOA game before, none of that matters. And I have a feeling this game will pick up fans who've lapsed and left the series for a few entries, and pick up some new fans hopefully. Unless they buy Tekken TAG 2, which comes out the same month, and will likely do the same.

  • I think I'm anticipating this game the most out of the holiday season...

  • I would love to see just one article at least ANNOUNCING that VF characters are in the game.  As a VF fan I feel this should be a bigger deal than just seeing Akira in the background :-(

  • I'm ready, believe it! And I saw a PS3 controller, even if it was for a brief moment.
  • Is this the first doa since the team ninja leader guy quite.I know the he wasn't involved with NG3 and it sucked.But I guess that does not mean this game has to be bad to.It's just he was the master mind behind both these series.NG2 was great but I think he was still there for most or all of that.It does look pretty though.I just watched the video and most of the levels are the same as DOA4 which were the same as DOA2 and so on.Why did it take them 7 years to make the exact same game again again again againThis should be called DOA 4.2.
  • cool

  • Totally gonna buy this one