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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Gets More Flexible Loadouts And Leveling

Call of Duty’s create-a-class system has allowed players to tweak loadouts in a variety of ways, but the new Pick 10 system takes things even further. Everyone gets 10 points to distribute however they’d like. This includes enough to choose the standard primary and secondary weapons, attachments, perks, and grenades. Now you have the option to cut out any and all of these to free up points to devote elsewhere. New wildcards take up a point as well, but they enable powerful new options like adding additional attachments to guns, allowing more perks,equipping two primary weapons, and carrying more grenade types. One guy at the multiplayer event in Cologne cleared out all his weapons and loaded up on six different perks counting on guns lying around the environment to get him through. It wasn’t the most viable strategy, but it shows how absolutely flexible the new system can be. We’re looking forward to seeing what other wild combinations people will come up with once the game’s out on the wild.

As always, players will need to level up in multiplayer to unlock more of these loadout items. Instead of relying solely on kill streaks, however, Black Ops II now focuses on score streaks. This still includes kill streaks under its umbrella, but it also adds weight to performing well in objective-based modes. Now you’ll get points for nabbing the flag and you’ll earn double points for any kills made while holding it. Basically, as long as you’re helping your team win at the designated mode, you’ll earn more experience. Developer Treyarch dubs the core of the score streak system “rewarding desirable gameplay.”

Players can level up to 55 and prestige 10 times. Treyarch is promising over 100 different unlocks so it’ll take quite a while to get everything.

For more on Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s multiplayer, be sure to check out our hands-on preview and our look at the new e-sports support.

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  • hmm... I am pretty sure i put first instead of derrrrp
  • Well, it still looks like Call of Duty. I ahve yet to decide whether that is a good or bad thing.
  • How about doing something in regards to all the F**ing campers in all the COD games. Nothing pisses players off more than being killed in front of a teamate who is more concerned in their KDR rather than actually helping out. They should make it so that if a player stays in the same sector for more than 5 seconds, they should appear as a blip on the enemy's map. This is with the exception of sector control games i.e. Capture the flag, domination drop zone.
  • How's about negative ponts for intentional Team-killers/Griefers? OH! and an option to have everyone in the pre-game lobby muted...
  • Many moan about player habits and interface issues, but I am still confused as to how they are not in every other game? I have more point savvy teammates on Battlefield who don't care to see me live past four seconds being revived or people who "camp" the spawns of jets. Call of Duty isn't the only one, and I'm sorry if I come off defensive about the series. I look like an idiot, but just stay open-minded about this new entry, just like any other game, and wait it out. On the article itself, very impressed with the changes being made. As much as I enjoyed Modern Warfare 3, it suffered from "Been there, done that" syndrome more than any Call of Duty. This looks like more than just cool gadgets and gizmos are being seriously considered here!
  • I have high hopes that this will be the COD the brings back the fun factor but I just have a feeling that its just gonna be MW3 2.0.
  • As the GI guys once said, "its Call of Duty o'clock".

    In other words, I know its that time of year again, but this game looks pretty exciting. Lots of tweaks and changes to the formula, I gotta hand it to Treyarch, it takes guts to allow that sort of freedom in a loadout and change the way the rewards work so people can't just camp and earn them from far away.

  • Eh, it still looks kind of bleak, boring, and generic. Very, very generic. Also, "The future is black" probably isn't the best tagline.
  • I like the idea of getting more XP for being a boss.

  • This game looks like it will be different and fun.I just hope this CoD is just as or more fun than MW2 in a different way minus the BS,because MW2 is my fav CoD.Day 1 buy for me I have to get around to pre ordering it though.To all CoD haters you can kiss my @$$ in a lint thong,if anyone can tell me where I got that from I will give them 1 internet cookie and 1 +1 internet point lolulz.

  • Reading this I see almost no difference to MW3. Objectives went towards your kill streak and experience game in the last one. The points only make some headway into the previous Prestige Token area that also allowed guns to be unlocked earlier.

    Edit: After reading another BLOPS II article I see how this Pick 10 system is different than previous games.
  • So stoked for Blops II!

    I do believe this CoD is the breath of fresh air we've hoped for. But I also thought Blops was the best in the series so...

  • zombies pls :D

  • Hmm... I suppose that's an interesting way of doing it...

  • Sounds like Homefront's perk system.
  • What's the difference between previous games besides futuristic setting ?

  • http://tinyurl.com/luckygrip     .. .0 .0 . 0 .0 .0 .0 .0

  • I like the new take on custom

  • I may be the only one excited for this game.
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