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Assassin's Creed III

New Trailer Highlights AnvilNext Tech

Gamers have been waiting to see how Assassin's Creed III moves the series forward, but the latest video from Ubisoft doesn't focus on the characters or the gameplay. Instead, it demonstrates new technology Ubisoft has developed for this sprawling sequel.

Assassin's Creed III is powered by an engine Ubisoft is calling AnvilNext, and it improves many elements from previous entries, including character animations and the number of on-screen enemies. Watch the video below to see AnvilNext in action for yourself.

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  • Cant wait to stab some heads

  • I can't wait for this game!

  • Out of all the games coming out this fall, this will be the one I make sure I have the money for day one.
  • An even better Anvil system? Awesome! :D

  • I know what I'm doing the week before my birthday :3 Assassinate ALL the fellow Brits!
  • One thing that I love about Ubisoft; it truly makes huge advancements in each new game in a series (something that can hardly be said of most major developers). If this game is as big a leap forward from ACII, as II was from the original (which it looks to be), it will be a GOTY candidate indeed.
  • Someone noticed that he killed some patriots in the end of the video?
  • So I glad I pre-ordered this game from new egg. Get the game a little early and for $48 :) But anyway this game looks awesome and it looks like the soundtrack will not disappoint. Hopefully Kyd composes this one again. Everything about the game looks awesome to this point, especially the re-defined combat system.
  • Looks fantastic.

  • Skyrim's engine should have been more like this. (From what I'm gathering) But anyways, this game looks awesome.
  • WOW!!!

  • The water looked pretty awful, other than that though, lookin' good. Definitely some noticeable improvements all around. Textures and shadows are still a little weak, but that's why its a 3rd person game, haha.
  • Wow, this looks really good. Wish UBISOFT hadn't made AC a yearly franchise, though, cause this game really seems to show what those extra years of development can do.
  • Awesome!!!!

  • I submitted a new tip on this!
  • looks like GotY will be between 2 very different stealth games, ACIII and Dishonored, and 2 very different sci-fi shooters, Halo 4 and ME3
  • Woah at 2:50 it shows the face under the hood, ya connor should keep the hood on.....

  • Anyone else notice Connor without his hood on?
  • Hey guys at 2:50 its connor with his hood off :D
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