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Resident Evil 6

A Trio Of Resident Evil 6 Trailers

Capcom held a panel for Resident Evil 6 last week at San Diego Comic-Con, and today they've released three videos with featuring some must-see gameplay content from the event.

The videos below show stretches of gameplay for some of the game's characters, highlighting not only the environments, combat, and enemies, but also the game's connected storylines and crossover moments.

For more on Resident Evil 6, be sure to check out Tim's handy outline of what we know so far about the game's plot.




To read director Eiichiro Sasaki's commentary on the videos, head over to the official Capcom blog.

Resident Evil 6 comes out for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on October 2.

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  • Can't wait already. Haters gonna Hate
  • looks great but the person playing in these trailers sucks
  • Very nice. I love how RE6 seems to do what Dead Space 3 is planning to do with evolving enemies when you shoot them in certain areas, etc. :D Very swell.

  • anybody else see the lambda symbols on the doors in the chris and piers video?
  • This game is looking fantastic. The first trailer looked like an excellent example of a zombie outbreak with low ammo and a city going to hell.

    The second had a sweet change of pace with a more action oriented (but still somewhat frantic) fight against the snake. Invisible snakes would be just horrible to fight.

    The only one that bothered me was the boss fight in the last trailer. The boss's AI seemed really dumb and he didn't seem to serve much use other than as a high HP pincushion. Other than that though, this looks amazing.

  • I know that invisible snake is going to be a pain in my butt. It makes me have flashbacks to the snake in RE1.
  • So much Resident Evil 6!

  • I think this game looks retarded. Chris and Leon pointing guns at each other!? What have you done to RE capcom?
  • this looks like utterly crap
  • Mod
    I want to be excited for this, I really do, but I just don't like most of what I'm seeing. Leon's campaign is the only one I'm interested in and even that (going by the E3 footage) seems to turn into more action later on. The video of Chris's section looked okay at first but with all the cover based shooting parts we saw before, I lost interest. And as for Jake and Sherry, no thanks, don't like what I've seen of them so far at all. And the forced co-op is another dislike for me. Like I said, I want to be excited for another main RE entry but after the disappointment of RE 5 and what I've seen of this one, I just can't. And that hurts to say. This will be a rental at best if anything.
  • Mod
    double post, trying to delete.
  • Pissin my pants in anticipation!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic!

  • I like Res Evil as a whole but from the videos I've seen, this doesn't really get me excited.  

  • This looks awesome! I can't wait for it! :D

  • i didn't look at any of them because i want to be excited and shocked when i play the game, not know EVERYTHING when i pop the disc in...enough with the trailers and plot spoilers please!

  • New gameplay mechanics like staying on the ground after a dog tackles you looks real and cool all simultaneously. The Subway looks like the most challenging environment so far.

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