Activision and Eutechnyx's first outing with the NASCAR license was about what you'd expect from the first iteration of the series – it hit the basics, but it didn't ever race up front. The pair are back to improve upon last year's title.

The game has just been announced for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii with a release this fall, and that includes a few new screens (see the gallery below).

Although hard details on the game have not surfaced, fans can at least take comfort in a few things. Developer Eutechnyx says it's working to improve the series' online portion (continuing the work done after the release of the first game) – including featuring a full race weekend. Although not implicitly mentioned, we hope there will be multiple practice sessions, a happy hour, etc. The game also features "top" NASCAR Sprint Cup series drivers, teams, and cars, 23 licensed tracks, and a bolstering of the game's career mode. You can get car upgrades, and the overall the mode hopefully will include more progression, as it promises that you can rise up through the ranks.

Given the amount of details to get right, it can be tricky tackling a licensed sport. Here's hoping that Eutechnyx can turn some faster laps in its second outing with the NASCAR license.