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Crysis 3

New Crysis 3 Screens And Concept Art

The latest batch of screens from Crysis 3 continue to prove that Crytek knows how to make a good looking game.

The batch of screens below features both concept art from the game, and in game images that show off the new jungle-city cross-breed environment.

And just in case you missed it last month, here's the trailer. Crysis 3 will be releasing on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC sometime next year.

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  • This game looks really good. I want to see more of that bow and arrow in action.
  • Looks awesome.
  • the design of that bow doesnt look practical. The wing tips seem to be at full draw even when the string is at rest. There is still the compound bow effect, but the bow doesn't have any room to bend dackwards to generate force when released. Look into your bow physics more crytech. silly game developers :p
  • that bow is cool

  • Never played Crysis 1 or 2, but they always look amazing and this looks even better.

  • The Crytek engine is simply amazing!

  • I can't believe such a good looking game can be supported by the current gen.
  • Wish I could get my hands on some of that concept art it would look good over the fireplace.
  • Don't know a thing about this game, but that looks like one mean crossbow.

  • Better than Halo 4 *holds breath*
  • personally i think this looks a lot better than frostbite 2
  • The environment and Last of Us are going for a pretty similar look.
  • Should I play Crysis 2 first? Or 1?
  • Crysis 2.1 yay!

  • Both the concept art and in game screenshots of Crysis 3 are simply stunning.  

  • yesssss exploding arrowheads.sold!!!!!

  • i really hope they include some type of predator/hunting mechanic with the bow like sneaking up and burying a shot between the aliens eyes, scavenging their parts for energy or ammo, something to make you feel like modern millitary infastructure is almosy obsolete outside the dome

  • This game is looking awesome!

  • Looking really good cryteck, keep it up!

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