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Resident Evil 6

New Screens Show Off Wesker's Son And Sherry Birkin

A new batch of gorgeous Resident Evil 6 screens have dropped to get fans excited for the game’s new October 2 release date. I doubt seasoned B.S.A.A. agents would examine top-secret bio-weapon plans with the same voracity as Resident Evil fans poring over these screens. These screenshots include new glimpses of Sherry Birkin, Albert Wesker’s son, Jake Muller, and the new C-Virus.

Take a look at the gruesome gallery below, and then be sure to check out the Resident Evil 6 trailer. The new video shows Chris and Leon in a heated stand-off.

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  • I haven't been excited for an R.E. til now... i can not wait for this!

    Edit: sorry i meant to say i haven't been excited for a R.E. since 4.
  • Wesker's son my @ss. That looks exactly like Chris. I guess Chris gets around XD
  • Wesker's son, eh? Kid's gonna have issues. Also, Chris vs. Leon? This game cannot come out fast enough.
  • Graphics look really good, let's hope the gameplay holds up as well.

  • OH MY GOD! I am sooooo happy right now. ^_^

  • My question is, who the hell did Wesker sack to have a kid? Chris vs. Leon...Hoorah Leon!
  • meh.
  • I just puked while watching this trailer. I hope this *** doesn't sells.
  • I know I'm just setting myself up for disappointment but this game is going to be fantastic! So many things I want to see pan out from that trailer. ^_^
  • Great screens.

  • another action cockfest,Resident Evil how low you've fallen.
  • CAN"T WAIT!!!!

  • Say what you will about RE5, it was a fun co-op experience. I'm perfectly fine if RE6 is bringing more of the same, and it looks to have a lot more environmental variation as well.

  • I'm giddy like a schoolgirl after seeing that. Sherry look just like Ashley? Maybe in the quick flashes but looking at that one picture I can clearly see the resemblance.

  • I like the new HUD (its on the pic next to the one that says C-Virus Experiment)

  • Even though I will most likely get this game at some point, I gotta say that I'm officially lost by this games plot.  If ever a series needed to take a break for a few years and come back with a fresh outlook, it would be this one.

  • Mod
    I honestly can't wait. I'm going to wait in a line for the midnight release, have some friends over and cook. We'll all take turns passing the controller around and it will be GLORIOUS! :D October can not come soon enough.
  • Wait his SON!!?

    Awesome, i thought Wesker would never come back after RE5 but this is better than nothing, at least his legacy survived.

    I hope his son is as cool as his father and not a whiny b*tch, will he have his father's powers? or even better, he becomes the new badguy for RE franchise...i wonder how Chris will react when he finds out about Jake.

    i wasn't interested in this game but to know that there's a wesker in this game, makes me want to buy it.

  • Hm. I would like it if it could be more... horror focused. Dead Space can have this problem as well, though I still love the game.
  • Pls Pls Don't use anything from Raccoon city

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