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Dragon's Dogma

Quick 15: Dragon’s Dogma

Core team member from the Devil May Cry series have been working on Capcom’s open-world RPG for some time now, but how close will this Japanese team get to emulating Kingdoms of Amalur’s – or even Skyrim’s – success? We take a peek at the game’s first 15 minutes.

Dragon's Dogma hits North America on May 22 and Europe on May 25. Check out our TGS preview of the game here.

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  • It's hard for me to beleive that this game is made by Capcom, but it is looking fantastic.
  • I'm looking forward to this game, looks very similar to a Dark Souls/MonsterHunter hybrid. Can't wait for a demo
  • He just..... threw a guy into a pit?
  • This is looking like it could be fun. (:

  • I have high hopes for this game. It seriously has potential, and I feel that it could be one of the premier RPGs of 2012.
  • Beautiful. CANT WAIT

  • This game will be amazing, reminds me demon/dark souls mixed with monster hunter XD can´t wait to play this :)

  • I wouldn't even compare a casual "RPG" like Skyrim to this or Kingdoms......
  • I have been excited for this game for many, many months. Can't wait to play it.

  • Gosh I keep seeing this same footage which I'm guessing is near the beginning of the game if not the beginning itself. I'm really hoping they actually release some gameplay of out in the field or storming a castle or something.

  • Ok, that was cool. He jumped up and grabbed a Harpy by the feet. Admittingly, I've never seen the amount of main character to NPC combat interactions I see in this game, outside of deathblows and scripted segments.
  • This looks a bit like dark souls, minus the crushing difficulty

  • Nice Berserk reference.
  • It's like dark souls but with bad animations

  • I hope the best for this game but Im completely skeptical about this since this is there first time making an open world title . We will see, oh yes we will we see.... oooh hahaha

  • hi

  • This looks awesome! Can't wait for this game.

  • Totally keeping this under my radar! I can't wait to see how it turns out

  • Ehh. I wasn't impressed when this first was announced or by the trailers since and I'm not impressed by this. The combat itself seems solid enough, but the constant yammering of your pawns and the camera shifts whenever they hold an enemy down really break up the rhythm of combat and seem like they would get incredibly irritating.
  • Sorry...played 80 hours of skyrim and 45 hours of Reckoning...not going to do another fantasy style RPG for a while....I think in May I will pick up Human Revolution...I missed it last year and everyone tells me it is a great game.
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