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Trials Evolution

Inside Xbox Demos Trials Evolution

In a new episode of Inside Xbox (available on your Xbox Live Dashboard), Trials Evolution developer RedLynx shows off some of the game's hectic multiplayer action.

As you'll see, Trials Evolution is quite an…evolution of Trials HD, with a new focus on larger, outdoor environments and real-time online multiplayer. For more, check out our previous preview of the game.

  • I love it! its like excite bike, but everything it ever wished it couldve been...

  • This is definitely going on my watch list.
  • I haven't seen anything for this game in so long...I was scared it got canceled
  • I am so exited for this! I loved the first one and played the crap out of all the dlc and I can't wait for this

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  • I'm actually really excited for this. A good friend of mine and I are always comparing scores and replaying tracks to beat each other in the original, and multiplayer sounds like the perfect new way to compete. I'm going to be playing the hell out of this game.
  • Never really liked these games. I used to play them when they were free on the computer, so I kind of felt like paying for it on Live was a rip-off. I'm just not really into the gameplay. Crashing a dirt-bike into walls repeatedly doesn't strike me as fun. I prefer Joe Danger, being able to complete the levels with relative ease, then going back to get higher scores, not struggling to even finish a level.

  • Still no release date...

  • HECKA! This is on my anticipated games list, for sure.

  • Doesn't look brutally difficult enough to have a name like Trials...

  • This game looks like it will be so much fun to play with my friends. Instead of comparing scores, we can now go berzerk trying to beat each other on an actual race together. =)

  • This is going to be so awesome!!! I love to build worlds and stuff and use editors in games! This is practicly like Forge World! Its better than Forge World!!!

  • I downloaded and played the Trials HD demo about a month ago...its definitely a fun and simple game. I enjoyed playing, and so did my GF's dad as well.


  • Looks like something i'd really enjoy, used to really get into elastomania.

  • this game looks fantastic!

    I remember playing the one on the computer and it was like a toy bike flipping around in a trash can but no its a motercycalist commiting suicide in a junkyard.......ironic huh?

  • It looks like Excitebike! Also, why does it say that the yellow guy is pahap? If it's his name then that is a weird name.

  • meh