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Star Trek

New Star Trek Trailer Features All In-Game Footage

Want to see how Kirk and Spock's buddy adventure will play? The new video should answer some questions.

We've been very curious about the upcoming Star Trek game from Digital Extremes, which was announced at this year's E3 to a hefty amount of praise. The new game casts players into the roles of Kirk and Spock as they work together against an as yet unidentified threat.

The new trailer for the game shows off several interesting tidbits of actual playable action from the game. It's clear that Digital Extremes is working hard to have the game keep the same breakneck pacing and excitement that made the recent Abrams movie reboot so well-loved.

Check out the trailer, and share your opinions of the new Star Trek game in the comments below.

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  • Looks interesting. Don't know if I will get though.
  • Looks good, but I'm hesitant about any game based on a movie. I'll wait for the review.
  • Looks good. Can't wait to see more.

  • My TV will never go off if my mom finds out about this...
  • Haven't I seen this already during E3? It looks kinda generic imo.
  • Inspired by Mass Effect,....and Dead Space
  • Not enough Star Trek, too much Mass Effect.
  • They're definitely using JJ Abram's take on Star Trek for this one.  It's probably better for justifying the gameplay and plot, but as a casual Trekkie, I'm not sure I like it.

  • Anyone else seeing Mass Effect instead of Star Trek?
  • I'm just gonna flat out say that this looks really mediocre. I don't get all the hype around it. I thought the movie was a lot of fun, but a game based on a movie that came out close to 3 years ago is just something that I can't get excited about.
  • I'm with a lot of others. It felt a lot like Mass Effect with Star Trek characters. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing, though.
  • When this game comes out I'd love to see an episode of Reiner and Phil and Andy play Star Trek

  • Wow, really unimpressed with what I just saw. Unless they polish the Hell out of those graphics by release, it definitely will not be a looker. Gameplay also looks iffy, but I will reserve any final opinion until the reviews come out, and hopefully a demo does as well.
  • I like Star Trek but this just doesn't seem to appeal to me.  I don't know, maybe it just seems a little too actiony instead of adventure and exploration.

  • Why is everyone being so negative? Do you even know what stage its in? It said it clearly at the beginning... PRE-ALPHA. You know the beta stage? The last stage before the game is finally mopped up of bugs and glitches? Yeah, well, Alpha stage is before that. Well, this is Pre-Alpha! So its even before Alpha! Its very early in development, and you all are judging it like its coming out tomorrow. I saw NOTHING in that trailer that said to me, 'this will fail'. On the contrary I saw a lot of potential. It looks pretty d*** good to me, especially at this point in development. Give it a f****** chance, gorramit!

    And yes, I agree it looks a bit like Mass Effect... and??? Is that a problem? If I recall correctly, the Mass Effect games are some amazing works of gaming art. I think quite a few of games should take inspiration and ideas from them. I'll wait till the game is closer to release before I say it looks like a copy of ME. It looks similar, which isn't bad, but I don't know about a copy. Stop being so negative, people.
  • I'm a huge sucker for anything Star Trek - game looks good, will buy.

  • Looks kind of like Mass Effect.  Definitely on my radar.

  • Looks like dead space and mass effect had a babby :/
  • Mod

    I wanna see more of it.

  • Renter bu pt it looks cool!

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