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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Flexibility Is Key On The Battlefield

The original Deus Ex was lauded for how it allowed players to explore JC Denton's dystopian world their own way, whether that meant taking a stealthy approach or running through situations with guns blazing. Eidos' upcoming game Deus Ex: Human Revolution is following course, as a new dev diary shows.

In this clip, the game's producer and designers break down the game into four essential pillars—stealth, social, combat, and hacking. The video puts an emphasis on stealth and combat, showing how fluid the line between those styles can be. Some of the highlights include seeing how players can combine items such as proximity mines and frag grenades to create devastating explosive devices. There's also a nice look at the game's cover system, as well as information about how weapons can be upgraded. Exploding rounds, anyone? Ultimately, the creators say the game can be played through several times, with players discovering new tactics and techniques each time.

If you haven't been keeping up with the game's development, this trailer will help you get back up to speed. Also, check out these clips on the setting and augmentations. Look for the game on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on August 23.

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  • I'm still on the fence about this game. I've heard good and bad in the previews. I dunno about a day one purchase yet.
  • I has power to post FIRST!

    EDIT: *** ninjas!!
  • I hope they can deliver on the lofty promises that this video and all theirother things have made. Its exciting but I wont believe it til I see it.

  • Cool i hope they have the scrabble grenade in the game

  • I think the Batman Arkham games could take a page out of the kind of stealth this preview shows
  • Being able to play any way I want is all well and good except I have a natural playing style that I gravitate to and trying anything other than that is a struggle for me. It took me forever to stop playing FPS games by running in with guns blazing and learn to take cover. I don't do stealth well. I just dont think in those terms.
  • I just can't get excited yet for this game, I'm hoping it doesn't tank but I will definitely be waiting on the reviews.
  • When I look at the title, I can't help but think of your mom.
  • Am I the only person super excited about this game? August can't be here any sooner!
  • I think this game has reached a new high in number of videos before release... Now how's about a demo?
  • Can't wait for August 23rd!

  • ive never played a deus ex game before (not really a pc gamer), but this looks extremely cool, and im excited to see how it turns out. a complex story, open ended gameplay, and a bizarre world all make this game look extremely promising.

  • im on the fence about this. might just wait for rage

  • Ooooh, inventory management with item rotation!? :D
  • Looks like an enhanced Splinter Cell game. This is on my game queue.
  • makes me feel a bit more confident.... i think...

  • These videos make me more and more excited for this games release. Deus Ex seems to have everything it needs to make it a great game.

  • Congratulations Enix/Eidos marketing department, you actually made me fall asleep during this video. its the same stuff everyone says about their game. blah blah blah different every time, blah blah more options. the funny part is i really want this game. but there are like 40 videos just like this one already.

    i want more sarif industries commercials. those are so sweet.

  • I would feel a little better if he didn't just call an assault rifle "dope".

  • I don't know about this game. It just doesn't hit the right buttons for me. Reminds me of the first person moments in the MGS series, but less interesting with less variety. Just my opinion...

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