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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Square Shows Off Futuristic Spawl In Deus Ex "Cities" Trailer

Anticipation is running high for Square Enix's Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a game that hopes to restore the beloved sci-fi franchise to its former glory. In this new trailer, entitled "Cities," we get a glimpse of some of the detailed open-world environments in the games.

Narrated by game director Jean-Francis Degas and other key staffers, we get to see their interpretation of urban areas like Detroit, Montreal, and Hengsha (an island off of Shanghai). It's pretty impressive stuff, and definitely has me excited about entering the world of Human Revolution.

  • Still not sold on this game. I'll wait for the reviews.
  • It looks pretty but I don't know...I'm still not yet convinced like "amg Day 1 buy!" But hey, this game's still on my to-get list. Just not any time soon.

  • Game looks great. Can't wait to go hands on with it. Guess I'll have to wait untill release date

  • I don't know how far off this game is but most of those character designs didn't look up to current gen standards.
  • Really looking forward to playing this game, don't think I'll buy it though probably rent it from gamefly.
  • Love the aesthetic of the game... but the character models are about 4-5 years behind the times. Too bad. I was really hoping this game would be cutting edge on all fronts. It does "look" like a Deus Ex game though, which is a good thing.
  • This year is killing my wallet. Hopefully i'll be able to save up enough to maybe get this and MK AND Skyrim. I don't rent games, better off to just buy them, paying subscription for a rental service adds up and you may as well just have bought the games you wanted.
  • I could care less about graphics and character models. This game is going to be tight! Cannot wait until my Augmented Edition ships in August! Looks like they totally got the feel of the first one back.

  • God, this game cannot get here soon enough!

  • purchased day 1 baby :) I cant wait

  • pre-order!!

  • I'm confused... can you explore Montreal? Because the "underground city" is something I'm surprised isn't in a game yet.
  • Its going to be great.

  • I kind of got the BioShock vibe a little bit with the augmentation stuff.
  • Makings of a classic

  • One word: gameplay. It will make or break this game no matter how detailed or impressive it looks.
  • "over 100 different brands" I wish every game would spend this much time on the atmosphere.

  • I definitely needed to see this video. My faith in the quality of this project has been dwindling, and although this video merely... distracted me from the mechanical elements that seemed troubled in earlier demos, in the end I feel less worried - being reminded of the reasons why I loved the original so much, the exploration of environments and simple side quests from citizens of no consequence for loot, heh *shrug* Good move Eidos... good move.
  • is it just me or does all the cities kind of look like New Mombasa in ODST? (if Deus Es didn't have people in it)

  • that game looked a lot different from what i thought it would when i first saw the teaser trailers a few (what feels like if it wasn;t actually) years ago

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