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Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Witness Mass Destruction In A New Trailer

The Earth Defense Force is about two things: saving humanity and destroying aliens. Sometimes, a few buildings need to fall in pursuit of these goals, as demonstrated in the latest trailer.

The video below shows members of the EDF blasting giant robots, bugs, and even a few skyscrapers in their quest to free Earth from the grip of the invading Ravagers.

To see one of EDF's most powerful weapons, watch the Insecticide Gun in action. You should also check out the latest batch of screens here.

You can pick up EDF: Insect Armageddon on July 5.

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  • It looks decent. I really don't like the destruction mechanic of buildings just falling straight down and disappearing into the ground,but EDF is known for its pure B fun,not for anything spectacular graphically, so I'll put 2017 aside, and play this whenever I want my fix of pure insect killing fun. Why use a can of Raid when you can just shoot everything in sight?
  • Do not want.
  • This game reminds me of Charge'n Blast on the Dreamcast. Look it up and see the similarities.
  • No.
  • After playing the first EDF I just can't resist getting this game. The $40 price tag and local/online co-op doesn't hurt either.

  • Looks fun.  More games need just mindless killing of hundreds of enemies lol.  Not to mention it will only be 40 bucks.

  • the graphics look a little dated... but the actually gameplay looks pretty *** fun
  • All the above naysayers don't get it. EDF is pure video game. I don't need your physics, your graphics, or your plot. All is need is gameplay, and maybe a rocket launcher that somehow never runs out of ammo.
  • Pumped. The first one was a hoot and this one looks even better.

  • Reiner is right. There is a market for B-games.

  • AWESOME. Soooo awesome. I love that they still have entire buildings crumble when you shoot them w/ a rocket. Also, did I mention how awesome the game looks?

  • Yes! That's what I was looking for! I'll have a good game to play with my buddies this summer! I forget; is there co-op?
  • Sweet, I'm gonna go get the Sucker Puncher Blu-ray - wait, what was Idoing here?
  • After reading this I just drove to gamestop and preordered it. No joke. At $40 bucks with full co-op this is a must buy for me! Looking forward to stomping a squishing some bugs this Tuesday!

  • "We can always rebuild New Detroit". LOL. That's their excuse for blowing up buildings?
  • They destroy buildings for the greater good!!!! EDFIA July 5th!!!!

  • Hope the frame rate can hold up to all that carnage!
  • I want...badly. I must have spent 30 hours just replaying Earth Defense Force 2017. That game was great, but now we are getting a sequel that has better graphics, bigger weapons, bigger and more bad ass enemies, online coop, useable vehicles that don't control like poop, and sweet, sweet destruction that looks a ton better than the last game. Dear God man, why do we have to wait 2 weeks!?!?!
  • Well, this destruction doesn't look as impressive as Red Faction: Guerilla, but I like the mindless action.
  • I.....WANT.....THIS......NOW.

    One of my favorite game series EVER is returning,I'm *** excited to no end.

    EDF!! EDF!! EDF!! EDF!!

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