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Halo 4

The Beginning Of A New Halo Trilogy

Microsoft and 343 Industries are starting a whole new chapter in the Halo universe with a new trilogy to go alongside Bungie's previous work. Take a look at Halo 4's E3 teaser trailer.

343 Industries has posted the game's E3 teaser trailer that ran at the Microsoft press conference, and although it doesn't tell us much, Master Chief and Cortana are indeed back together again.

Halo 4 is slated for a holiday 2012 release.

[Thanks to reader Tim Dunn for the tip]

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  • Just glad it starts off where the Halo 3 ended.
  • This game needs to end, or at least rest, Microsoft lacks new exclusives. It's going to be more over-rated than ever. They should have at least waited a while longer to release this game to refreshen thoughts but seeing as it's M$, they want to continue to hog much money as possible. When you keep doing this, storylines will begin to lose it's appeal just like the MW franchise. Unless they had this already planned, I don't see this game living up to it's hype.
  • i wish they would release this on playstation to!!!!
  • and master cheif sounds the same
  • its cool there remaking halo 1 on reach engine but a whole trilogy? come on. 4 would have been fine imo just because of the way 3 ended on legendary but seriously can we just let it die and agree that halo was a great franchise for microsoft but it is time for something new?
  • I'm kind of glad Bungie won't be working on this one. They were seemed to resist changing much in each new Halo release (aside from Reach). I'm hoping that 343 can provide a fresh take on the franchise and give gamers some exciting new experiences.
  • Chief magically changed armour in his freezer, other than that I'm looking forward to see if 343 screws this up

    Good to hear Chief's voice again though

  • If they bring about some major changes to this game, This will almost be a new *** game. anyone who talks *** on Halo obviously forgot that this game was and still is groundbreaking. A new story and probably some new gameplay will def keep this series alive and kicking. Plus its Master chief. No more ODS soldiers or pre halo spartans. This is Masterfucking Chief.
  • I'm excited to see where 343 takes this game. For everyone who is bitching about just letting it die already, you need to realize that gamers have no problem with multiple games in an IP so long as they push the bar further than the previous installment. If Halo 4 is well-done, then why shouldn't Microsoft capitalize on their greatest IP yet? It's called capitalism, folks. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Besides, the storyline wasn't finished at the end of Halo 3, and to be honest, the story was about the Master Chief. His story has not ended as of yet.
  • I have no idea why anyone would want this franchise to die off. Come on people it's a new Halo game and you're going to buy it! Be exited instead of being mad.
  • Old news or advertising?

  • Someone said Halo "was and still is groundbreaking" in an earlier comment. I say hardly. It's a first person shooter. A game in a saturated market that's full of titles that don't perform or look nearly as good as games in other genres of this console generation. They are iterative by nature and as such anything but "groundbreaking". The majority of FPS series, with the exception of Battlefield which started its main entry overhaul almost 5 years ago, needs a complete ground up rebuild. Engine from scratch, animations from scratch, textures, character designs, physics and in game mechanics FROM SCRATCH. They need to start over at zero instead of layering on new paint because they're getting progressively uglier. All the shooters have looked rough around the edges recently, whether it's just the overall graphic quality of Halo and Call of Duty not quite being up to snuff with games in the rest of the industry or the animations in Battlefield being slightly awkward. I don't want it to die off, I want them to give it the attention it deserves. Same with Call of Duty. Same with any game that is pushed out the door too soon or whose polish is neglected for the sake of boosting profits to the stars.
  • Looks like Master Chief is taking on the Death Star in this one!
  • I have played the Halo games during my entire childhood! For the last 10 years! I've also read all of the books surrounding the universe and I'm hooked on their Halopedia, therefore I have very much knowledge about theese series. In other words, I am probably one of the bigger Halo fans out there! I hate Bungies cliffhanger at the end of Halo 3. And I am SO EXTREMLEY exited about this title! Bungie, 343 Industries.. who cares? It will still be awesome! Forerunners Shield World, here I come!!!
  • Not sure, but it does not sound like Jen Taylor is playing the voice of Cortana anymore...too bad :(
  • Why are some people saying we should let this die off? Halo is not Call of Duty, and I truly think the guys at 343 are putting a lot of effort into actually making this a real successor to Halo 3. I can understand the skepticism but c'mon, the series doesn't need to die off!
  • I hope 343 does a good job with this one. See if it'll top Reach.
  • I am so excited!!! I better start saving up for a 360.
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