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Halo 4 First Screenshots, Details

The Master Chief's adventures continue with a new alien menace. Find out everything we know.

There's not much to go on, but we can certainly draw some conclusions. Microsoft wrapped up its E3 2011 press conference with the announcement of the long awaited Halo 4.

First the first time, a numbered entry in the series is being designed by a developer other than Bungie. Taking over duties is 343 Industries, a team set up from the ground floor to handle the Halo brand.

Where Reach took us back in time to the beginning of the existing story, Halo 4 seems to be starting a whole new story, with the only apparent connection point being the presence of Master Chief and Cortana. At first glance, the new game doesn't seem to deal directly with the Covenant, the Flood, or any of the characters from Earth, but we'll have to wait and see if those legacy story elements return.

It will make for an interesting challenge for 343 Industries. While maintaining the visual ID that makes Halo 4 a Halo game, the team will have to simultaneously introduce new weapons, vehicles, aliens, planets, and other elements not seen in the earlier games.

Another surprising part of the announcement yesterday was the fact that Microsoft effectively announced Halo 5 and Halo 6 at the same time by revealing that Halo 4 would be the first part of a new trilogy.

Any way you cut it, one thing is for sure. We've got a while to wait before we'll know anything concrete. Halo 4 is set for a Holiday 2012 release. In the meantime, we can enjoy the first screens from the CG trailer, and a small shot of the potential box art.

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  • I think you've put in the Halo Reach boxart into the screenshots by accident.
  • That's a Halo Reach box XD

  • So Halo 4 is really Halo Reach in disguise?
  • I don't know about this. Reach was kinda the end for me. We shall see.
  • Halo, get ready to reclaim your spot as best multiplayer ever. I really hope 343 recreate the awesomeness of halo 3. For some odd reason, Reach and ODST just didn't "click" for me.

    I also hope 343 reinvents Halo, just as Halo did in the year 2001.

    When I say reinvent, I seriously mean innovate! I want factions, Real time space battles,anything that is fresh and new, but strictly adheres to Halo's universe.

    I'm counting on you 343. Don't fail me.
  • Is the Reach box art a joke? Cause I don't get it...
  • The first shot looks like something Monty Oum produced but with a bit better texturing.
  • Nice!!

  • If that is the cover art, then I shall purchase the game just to display the box.

  • I LOVE the Halo series. Halo 2 still remains one of my all time favorite Xbox games. However, for some reason I have a bad feeling about this. Any thoughts?
  • awesome joke guys
  • I think this is what the franchise needed. I enjoyed playing against the covenant, but I think its time for a change. A real story, new bad guys, and new good guys. Its time for a change, Master Chief.

  • Fail on boxart
  • As long as they nail the multiplayer, I doubt fans will be disappointed.

  • I hope the multiplayer in this is closer to that of the original games and not Halo Reach, which was kind of a dissappointment to me.
  • I don't get it, is the Halo: Reach boxart supposed to be a joke or something...?
  • Cool beans.

  • how does his armor keep changing even though he never gets out of it?
  • I'd really like to know why the Chief has different armor all of a sudden. Also, is Halo being annualized? Reach came out last year, Anniversary this year, and Halo 4 next year? Hopefully it still plays good and isn't just being rushed through development.
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