BioShock Infinite is easily one of my most anticipated titles of 2013. Everything I have seen so far looks great. Yesterday,  Kyle Hilliard made a post showing off the official BioShock Infinite box art, and at a quick glimpse I thought it looked cool. The art really conveys the sort of disaster that Booker DeWitt faces in the floating air-city of Columbia. When I came back to the pictures of the box art later, however, I noticed that there are a two things that could have been included, but instead only the protagonist and a burning flag is present. Keep in mind that I am not bashing the box art in any way, because it looks great. I just thought the exclusion of certain aspects in BioShock Infinite was rather interesting since some of them are very important to the game. These are my thoughts on what I noticed.


Where is Elizabeth?

Those of you who generally know the plot of BioShock Infinite should be questioning the absence of Elizabeth. She is the reason for the insane civil war raging in the once peaceful air-city of Columbia, but she is not important enough to be featured on the game's cover? It's understood that no game is able to feature every character that makes an appearance, but Elizabeth is a pretty damn important main character. Sure, there are games like Batman: Arkham City where Batman, the main protagonist, is the only character featured. However, most of the characters in Batman: Arkham City play equal roles to all of the other characters in the game. This is not the case in BioShock Infinite though. I am not saying that the Kingdom Hearts approach of putting every character worth a damn on a cover would've worked here, but the inclusion of another character alongside Booker seemed like a more sensible idea to me.


The Beautiful City Of Columbia

The air-city of Columbia created for BioShock Infinite is really visually stunning. I think it may even be one of the most unique video game settings ever. It shocks me that there is hint towards it in the box art. Sure there is a blimp peeking out of the upper right corner, but that doesn't mean much. Since Columbia is said to be a steampunk environment, I am surprised that the only indication of such a setting is represented by Booker's outfit. It is a shame that such a great looking city won't be presented on the face of the game.

That is just what I noticed. Reading comments from several places leads me to believe that a lot of fans dislike the current box art. Personally, I don't think it is horrible, because it could be worse. So, let's hear some of your guys' suggestions, gripes, and opinions on the box art of BioShock Infinite in the comments below.

For the record, I think that the artwork below is a much better concept for the game.