Of the thousand-plus hours I've spent in Left 4 Dead 2, most likely about three-hundred alone were devoted to Scavenge. the Scavenge mode in Left 4 Dead 2 has the survivors try and fill a generator with gas, while the Infected team tries to prevent them from doing so. Whichever team gets a better time pouring all the cans (or that just pours more cans in general) wins, and it can be a harrowing experience. I used to play it all the time, but it was bad for me, so I've stopped playing, at least for the moment. Regardless of that, I still have a good memory of some of the highlights from the mode, though some of these moments only pertain to the No Mercy Scavenge map (it's the most popular among the community), and some are also only really well known by more "hardcore" players, so if you've played the game just a bit, you may not recognize some of these.

Get dem cans.

10. Death Smoke

You may recognize this from a blog I wrote last year about glitches, and if you remember this one, you should remember several of the others below. This is because some of the exploitable parts of the No Mercy map are frequently used by players (even to the point of Infected shoving a can off the map). To do a Death Smoke, the smoker needs to be in the above position, and attempt to grab someone who is on the ladder that is just off screen on the right. It will pull them toward the smoker, but they wont get stuck on the ledge, and thus will fall down to this place.

9. Successfully Running Hard Three

I couldn't find a good picture of Hard Three to show you all what it is, so just use your imagination. To the right, see that building that's closer to the screen? Beyond that is a dip down with a ladder, that then has a second ladder to an area on the edge of the roof, and that's where the cans are. It's considered the most dangerous part of the map, and some teams just do it immediately to get it out of the way/catch the Infected off guard. A good team can do it easily, but it only takes a single good smoker pull to send them into a chaotic frenzy.

8. Narrowly Winning a Game

When a match has great players on both sides, things can get pretty tense. Sometimes, both teams will get 21 cans every single round, leading to the team who did it quicker winning the match. I've had times where everyone was dead, but the last person alive managed to pour one can in to win a game, and also where I won (and lost) by only a few seconds. Sure, sometimes it's infuriating, but it's also exhilarating. 

7. Death Jockey

The act in the picture above is actually a Death Charge, but this is the place where a Death Jockey happens. To do this, a person must be jockeyed on the small metal platform in the top left part of the image. Right where it says "Score" in the image, there's a small place where there's no metal bars. The Jockey will steer the person towards this gap, and if it's done right, the person will fall onto the small ledge at the end, and can then be made to fall all the way down to where Hard Three is. And THEN, if still done correctly, the person may fall off the edge of the building.

6. Avoiding a Death Charge

The Charger is viewed by many as the most valuable of the Infected, as he can instantly kill a survivor by charging them off of the map. Killing off a survivor makes the Infected that much more likely to win, and also can cripple the other team in terms of morality. However, managing to avoid that outcome on the survivors side is one of those moments where you can actually go "phew", because the worst has been avoided.

5. Successfully Stacking Cans

The timer in Scavenge is originally set to 1:20, but the remaining time can be increased by pouring in as many gas cans as possible, with each providing an additional 20 seconds. So, getting a whole bunch of cans into the generator at once is very helpful. To do this, a team will usually have one person take an adrenaline shot, which will make the time required to pour a can go down to about a second, as opposed to a little less than three seconds. This is very helpful, and watching the numbers climb up and up is very satisfying for the survivors.

4. Death Pounce

The Death Pounce in of itself is really an exploit, but no one looks down upon it because it works, and everyone does it anyway. To do this move, a Smoker must stand in the above spot near the front of the map, and smoke a survivor down from the helipad. Once they have that person, a Hunter can pounce the smoked person, which will cause a glitch making them fall off the building. I always enjoy being a boomer and puking on the person before the die, because then the damage points are also given to me like I did something. Just to clarify, though, the image is actually a failed attempt at a death pounce-the person didn't die in this instance, but it was still funny.

3. Getting a Six-Minute-Plus Time

Getting a time of about four minutes is considered decent, but beatable in the Scavenge community. Five minutes is better than four, but is still beatable. The highest I've seen is about 6:30, but six minutes to that is considered to really be what you want to shoot for. That means you've had almost no mistakes, no burns, and probably no deaths. I've been on teams that have gotten six minute times, and it's always satisfying, because you know that it's an uphill battle now for the other team to win.

2. A Successful Barbecue 

I know that there isn't one pictured here, but this is really the moment before the barbecue. What I mean by barbecue is a Spitter successfully burning a whole bunch of the survivors' cans, instigating a massive fire. If a survivor ignores a can that's about to burn, that's pretty much a guaranteed vote kick, unless they were busy with something else. The gas cans don't disappear forever, but burning a whole bunch (especially ones from far away places) can really hurt a team's time, and morale, as they may fight about who left the cans vulnerable/weren't doing what they were supposed to be doing.

1. Death Charge

The goal of the Infected team is to stop, if not slow down the survivors. The best way to do that is, of course, by directly killing them, and the best way to do that is with a death charge. While the Death Pounce requires a set up, and the Death Jockey is really only doable on people who are all alone/don't know about it, the Death Charge is simpler and can be done by just the charger. A lot of people will get mad at people who try and do a charge all alone without a set up, but it definitely is possible. It's very satisfying to hear the "NUAAAAAAH" and then see the small little glow of the survivor fade away.

I may do a Versus entry in this mini-series, but that probably won't be for awhile, since I'm not feeling like it at this very moment. In any case, that's all for today...gah, the worst part of this 365/365 is thinking of clever endings. All of them are the same...