Kingdom Hearts is a wonderful series-following the release of the original two games on PlayStation 2, we received several great tie-in games to Kingdom Hearts III (no, they were NOT cash-ins, they were tie-ins), and only have the future to look forward to with the third main title. One of the things that's made it so great has been the original characters created for the series. There have been a lot of great ones, and I included several in my Wonderful 101 series because of how well written they are, and the emotions they've evoked. I've meant to get into my Project Dive into the Heart for awhile, and while I still need to play...the entire series....I can write about the top characters in the series.

No, Demyx, you don't make the cut. Stop smiling.

For a clarification, this top ten list is only going to be about original characters for the series. So, no Maleficent, and no Mickey; this is because Donald and Goofy would be on the list also, and too many characters wouldn't get on the list that I want to still get credit. So, don't complain about them not being on here, because I think the original characters deserve more recognition for not being pre-established. There will be no spoilers, but again, only original characters.

10. Riku

I really almost didn't consider putting Riku on this list, but it was him, or Ventus, and Ventus has little character development I feel, so I decided to keep Riku in. Riku does go through dark times, being manipulated and such, but he turns out a great Keyblade wielder, and even more skilled than Sora at times. So, he does deserve some credit, but he is kind of, just...trying to be cool, I feel, but isn't half the time, so he loses some of that. :P

9. Terra

Terra is Riku before Riku was tempted by darkness, but his development as a character is better in Birth by Sleep than in the rest of the series for Riku, I feel. He has to deal with his two friends being concerned with him throughout the game, which we don't really see for Riku much. His dealings with Master Xehanort are greatly done, and he does what he feels is right, and also sacrifices for his friends.

8. Naminé

Naminé is more of a hidden character, and doesn't have tons of spotlight, but I like her character. She has to deal with being controlled by Organization XIII and DiZ, but she risks herself to help both Sora and Roxas, and also do what's best. Also, I confess-I'm a Sora x Naminé shipper.

7. Aqua

Aqua is a very well developed heroine, having to balance keeping Ventus in check while searching for Terra. She constantly tries to do good, and also has to deal with both of her friends going against one another, and her. Still, she sticks with it, and tries to keep things under control between the 3 of them, and that made her my favorite of the first trio, and also my favorite campaign of Birth by Sleep.

6. Xion

Xion only appears in 358/2 Days, but she's one of my favorite characters. She's happy and nice sometimes, but she's also depressed and an enigma. The final parts of the game really make her awesome, but the small moments with just her and Roxas, and maybe Axel, make the game amazing, and stood out for me.

5. Xemnas

The leader of Organization XIII, Xemnas has some air about him that just makes him a great villain. He acts as someone to follow in 358/2 Days, and as someone taunting you throughout Kingdom Hearts II. Being the head of Organization XIII, he has his secrets, and those that he hides, as well as some of his habits, allude to his origin, and make him mysterious yet awesome.

4. Master Xehanort

The main antagonist of the series, he's a Keyblade Master, and one who manipulates from the shadows. He appears as a crippled old man, with his back bent forward, but he's actually very powerful. His greed and demeanor make him an amazing character, and he's even voiced by Leonard Nimoy. Great villain status achieved.

3. Sora

Sora is the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts, and is a determined, goofy, carefree soul. He's one of my favorite protagonists, and his skill with the Keyblade is demonstrated across the titles. I really hope his story continues beyond the Xehanort Saga, and we at least see his future after the third game. He can be a little awkward at times, but I like him a lot.

2. Axel/Lea

Member VIII of the Organization, Axel is a fan favorite of the series. While he does follow orders even when he doesn't want to, he eventually goes off to do his own thing. He's a determined pyro, and his flare and demeanor make him such a wonderful character that I'd love to have a game with him as the protagonist, and hope he shows up a lot in Kingdom Hearts III.

1. Roxas

Roxas is the Nobody of Sora, and while his dialogue may be weird at times, he's one of my favorite characters in gaming. He's faced with many hardships throughout 358/2 Days and II, and his eventual fate is just, sad to me, even though it's happy. His whole journey throughout 358/2 Days is my favorite Kingdom Hearts game because of his story, and I really hope comes back in Kingdom Hearts III. He's a depressed, sad character, and deserves more spotlight in the series, and so, he's my favorite Kingdom Hearts character.

So, do you disagree with this list? Did you want Ansem, Kairi, or Vanitas? Do you think Axel is overrated? Any comments you have, put them below, and I'll see you all tomorrow.