One of the things that is always seemingly on the lips of gamers is "what's next?". With one next-gen console already released, and two more on the way, we've been in a frenzy of discussing the possibilities of these two new systems. And with things like the Occulus Rift coming out, there's only the thought of the future on our minds. That's what I've decided to explore in today's blog-the future of our industry-technology wise, at least.

I can't wait to try this baby out someday.

However, that doesn't mean that we're only going to look at the plausible here. Think back to even, well, 30 years ago-1983. Were touch-screens dreamed up at this point? Probably. But did those people think we'd use them so extensively this early in time? I don't know, but I do think that they probably didn't expect us to advance this far this quickly. I feel like as time passes, we innovate faster than we expect, and also at a quicker rate-the internet got so large in the last 10 years, and it's only getting larger every day. So, that's why some of these possible topics will be far-fetched, and maybe even impossible, as of now. Because, well...did we ever expect, even 30 years ago, to be competing in online tournaments against people across the world? Probably not.

Virtual Reality

Occulus Rift exists, and will be available to the public within the next year, I believe. However, it's success, and how far virtual reality goes, is something yet to be seen. The main thing with virtual reality is that it really is best only for a first-person view: if you're playing some sort of third-person game, it won't really work as well, because then it just functions as a screen, and isn't as immersive. However, what we have seen so far seems to be promising, with the technology being one of the highlights of the past E3. I think we'll see this technology become more impressive as time goes by, in a variety of ways.

The only way we interact with video games currently, besides the actual controller, is seeing the screen, and hearing the audio. The Occulus Rift is a way to make video games more receptive to our sight, and it's possible we could see games come to our other senses. In this way, games would be more of a "reality". The only ones that really could, though, would be smell, and touch. Taste would be an odd one, and hearing is something we already do. Smell could be done through a system having some sort of add-on that stimulated certain receptors of the nose, though, I really, really doubt this would sell well on the market. However, what could, could be something else entirely.

Transportation between two mediums

In the movie TRON, the character Kevin Flynn gets transported into a virtual space, and also is reassembled outside. Imagine if that could happen in the future-putting yourself in a digital space, and then really having an experience in the world? This sort of idea could be done in a couple ways-actually transporting a body into a digital space, or putting someone's consciousness into a character's body in the game, sort of like the Animus. While the latter seems more plausible, I think both could be really awesome ideas.

However, there's also an opposite side to that. What if, in the future, we developed technology to also bring the video game out to us. Of course, I'm talking about Augmented Reality. We could end up having technology that creates a game physically before our eyes-even, perhaps, making it so that the augmentation responds to our touch. This is, of course,what I think is the end game, in the sense that it's the farthest thing away from right now-especially considering that if we developed this sort of technology, it might be better to bring out resources for the good of humanity instead of game worlds.

Being a bit more realistic, in maybe, 10 years, we'll definitely have reached a point where facial animations can be considered perfect, and graphics will be high life-like. We almost have this today, but in 10 years, it'll only be better, and probably easier to develop. Also, consoles will be built with more oomph in them, and will be able to handle more complicated processes, and handle more masses of enemies, and other things.

I know this is a short blog, but I fell asleep before finishing, and just found out I'm leaving for D.C. in 20 I quickly finished, since I don't know when I'll be back. I'm sorry guys, don't worry-I've got some nice stuff in mind for the next few days. Also, I am totally winning this thing. ;)

So, when we get augmented reality, can I really play the Nonary Game? :P