Considering I write these 31/31 blogs the night before they're posted, and I'm buy with stuff tonight and tomorrow...I decided to an easy top ten blog, and do another one for my "top ten moments" mini-series. Sorry if you guys aren't up for one of these, but I kinda feel like doing one of these tonight anyway. 

Three of the best characters ever.

So, as you already know, I decided to do this for my favorite Kingdom Hearts game, 358/2 Days. One of my favorite games ever, I love it's gameplay, characters, and the story wraps it all together perfectly. I love it so much, so it's going to be my newest entry in this mini-series. Let's start it off!

10. Riku Submits to the Darkness in his Heart

In Kingdom Hearts II, Riku appears as Ansem the Seeker of Darkness, and why this happens is explained after the final boss against him. After failing to defeat Roxas, who is going to destroy Kingdom Hearts, Riku decides to submit to the darkness inside his heart in order to be able to defeat him. The scene is a bit sad, considering Riku realizes at this moment he may never come back from submitting.

9. "Roxas, That's a Stick"

At one point in the middle of the game, Xion loses her ability to summon her Keyblade, and Roxas offers for her to use his. When Xion questions how Roxas will fight at this point, Roxas decides to use a stick, and the aforementioned quote happens. So, yeah, comedy.

8. Ruler of the Sky

One of the last major Heartless fights, the Ruler of the Sky is an awesome boss. He's made of jewels, and is probably the boss with the biggest arena to fight in, considering it's a large open area of water. He was one of my very favorite bosses in the game, and he offers quite a challenge.

7. Day 255: Why the Sun Sets Red

In the beginning of the game, the first day you experience is the end of Day 255, a long ways into the story. Roxas and Axel chat friendly for a bit, but the ominous foreshadow that their relationship with Xion will go awry is heavily apparent, as Roxas questions where she is, and Axel doesn't answer, seemingly knowing what's going on with her. It's a foreshadow of the sad turn the three of their lives take.

6. Xion's Death

I know that Xion's death is a very sad moment in the game, but the reason it's so low on this list is that there are several other great moments that manage to edge it out. Anyway, it's also kinda marred by Roxas' awkward dialogue...in any case, Xion's death is a tragic one, and is also what causes Roxas to go to try and destroy Kingdom Hearts, and only be defeated by Riku.

5. Sea-salt Ice Cream

This moment is kind of nebulous, because it happens quite a few times throughout the game, and little occurs during it. Sometimes, it's just a 5 second cutscene, and sometimes it has a few lines of dialogue in it. In any case, these small moments highlight the friendship between Roxas, Xion, and Axel, and warm this sad game up, and also make the ending even sadder, when you look back at how the three friends were before. 

4. Dustflier 

This Heartless is the strongest in the game, and, if you go in order sans the final boss, is the last Heartless you fight. He's insanely hard, having several bars of health, and a rotating set of moves that are all almost insta-kill. You need to basically glide back and forth across the small arena you fight him in, and it's such a rewarding boss fight, considering it's basically the last thing I did t get 100%, two times. He can take up to half an hour to fight, and one of the worst things is that you need to fight 6 already hard bosses before you can get to him, so you need to be god-level to stand a chance. And I've beat him...several times. He's probably the hardest boss I've ever fought, and mastering the fight against him is very rewarding to my self-esteem.

3. Xion's Reveal

To reveal to Roxas that she is a Replica of Sora, she takes her hood off to show him how her absorption of Sora's memories and abilities from him has changed her. I actually knew of this before I played the game, and it still hit me hard. and following it is a sad boss fight, between two best friends, and then her death. 

2. The Ending

After being captured by Riku, Roxas is placed into the virtual Twilight Town by DiZ, and has his memories erased. This sets up the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, and it's a very, very sad moment for me. Roxas had just gone through so much, losing his two best friends, and everything he had in his life, and he didn't even remember it. Instead, he runs to the clock, thinking he's going to hang out with his friends Olette, Hayner, and Pence, saying that they might finally go to the beach that day. I sobbed at this point, knowing all of this, and it stands as one of the saddest moments ever in gaming, I feel.

1. "What's Your Problem!?"

This is the moment. This is when you know things are over for Axel, Xion, and Roxas' friendship, when they're never going to have the three of them again, eating sea-salt ice cream, and watching the sun set. It's gut-wrenching for me to see this play out, and is also, along with the final scene, of the saddest moments in gaming, I feel. I forever will remember this, as it was one of the first times I cried from a game's story, and I will forever love this game because of this moment, because it was so beautifully done. 

Well, that was hard to write...such a sad, but beautiful, game...that's all for today. If you agree with any of these moments, sign off below in the comments...*sigh* so sad...