I am soooo mad right now...I just finished this blog, and deleted the tab by accident. *sigh*...fine, let's see how much I remember...the title of this blog may make you think this is about how if life was a video game, if we had dialogue wheels, and we could buy DLC packs to download new clothes instantly, among other things. Maybe we could change our appearance by buying new skins, or, if we didn't want to have to face death, we could do some micro-transactions for a new life. However, that's not what this blog is about.

This is totally how my new life would be. Okay, not really.

What this blog, that I once had completed and am now writing for the second time. Anyway, what this blog is actually going to be about is more substitution than anything else. I'm going to be looking at major components of my life, and I'm going to replace them with people/places/things from various video games. If the idea sounds odd, it should become clear after reading a couple entries.

Profession: Defense Attorney

It's not secret I love the Ace Attorney series, so this should be a no-brainer. Being a defense attorney like Phoenix Wright would be full of dramatic cases, excitement, meeting wacky characters, and having tons of fun. Sure, things may be hard at times, dealing with loss and other hardships at times, but I'd deal with it. I'd get to do a job that'd be fun, and would love it, even if I had to live only off instant-noodles a la Gumshoe.

Significant Other: Phi

If you read my recently finished Wonderful 101 series, you know I love Phi. Okay, I don't love her love her, but I love her character, and I think she's super awesome. She was one of my favorite characters last year, and ever for that matter. She's intelligent, sassy, and makes references to pop culture. Sure, she can be a little cold at times, but she can warm up to people. So, if I had to be with anyone from a video game...Phi, all the way. 

Hometown: Shibuya

Okay, I know Shibuya is a real place, but I'm talking specifically about the altered Shibuya that exists in The World Ends with You. It's vibrant, loud, diverse, and is ripe with creation. I'd love to have memories of its ever-changing trends and creations, and if I ever had any fatal accidents...I'd get a second chance with the Reapers' Game.

Adopted Town: Twilight Town

Twilight Town is always in a state of perpetual twilight, just as the sun sets, as it rests on the edge between light and darkness. This twilight is beautiful, and makes the sky always an orange glow, and makes the town feel alive yet quiet at the same time. It's been shown to have a friendly population, and amazing points of view like Sunset Hill and the clocktower. I'd love to see how it is to live there. And, of course, I'd spruce up the Old Mansion and make it livable again.

Friends: Axel and Professor Layton

Yes, these two people probably wouldn't be ones to be the best of friends, but I like aspects of both of them. Axel can be hot-headed, but he always pursues his goals with determination, and is loyal to his friends. Sure, he can go against the latter sometimes, but overall, he's a great person. As for the good professor, well, he's always willing to share a cup of tea and a puzzle or two, and I'd be willing to do the same, if I had one in mind.

Pet: Pikachu

I use the term "pet" here lightly, because really, Pikachu would just be another friend, just, well, not human. Pikachu's are usually friendly and playful, so it'd be great, and we'd be great friends. Plus, he could be on my shoulder in court like Yuugami's hawk, Gin, and could use thunderbolt on the prosecutor!...okay, I jest. ;) That would be cool though.

Child: Trucy Wright

Trucy is the adopted daughter of Phoenix Wright, so in my new game based world, she'd also be adopted. She's coped with loss before, and still stays cheerful, so she'd be a great kid, I think. Her relationship with Phoenix is a friendly, loose one, which is what I would want with my kid, while still being a parent-kid relationship. Also, we both like pudding.

Appearance: Shulk

Eh, not tons to say here. Shulk is kinda like me, a bit tall, though I'm taller,  and blond hair. However, he is much better built, considering he can swing the Monado around easily, and those times when the "armor" I got took off any upper clothing...I saw his abs. :P Anyway, yeah, I'd like to be more fit and stuff, and Shulk's look would probably be the best way to achieve that. 

Well, there they are, that's how I would change my life if I had to make it out of things from video games. If you wish, make your own list in a blog or the comments below, and I hope you enjoyed this idea of mine!

I want those signs...