I'm an artist. That's a fact. Not a good one, but eh, I'm one. I've shown that with the various things I've drawn/created from various video games, in my Art of Destruction/Recreation series. I've thought about this idea of mine for a bit, and so, for Day 11, I thought I'd write about it. If you're not an art person, you shouldn't be confused by what I'm going to write about-I'm not really much of one, I only took one year (I would've taken more, and wish I had...there were just, complications), and so, yeah, I'm not some Godly art student who's like "braaah there's all these specific techniques with these terms"...no, I just, eh, I'm more a copier. I don't trace, I just, well, I look at what I want to recreate, and do so. But that's not the point of this blog: the Wii U is.

My new sketchpad.

When I say this idea, that the Wii U is an artist's best friend, I'm thinking of specific ways that I personally used the Wii U, as well as potential in the future, and other things. I will address the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One towards the owner, as they're offering the Media Molecule title and Project Spark, which are focused on creativity. I'm just talking about Wii U for now, though, just for a clarification. I'm not hating on either of the other two systems, I'm just talking about what's good about the Wii U.

First, let's talk about some of the obvious things that exist. During Nintendo's original unveiling of the Wii U, we saw the header images that showcased a beautiful hand-drawn image of Link from The Legend of Zelda, and this excited me a bit. I'd tried Art Academy on the DSi and 3DS beforehand, but the small screen was a bit hard for me. With what was being shown, I was excited for the possibilities Wii U would bring. Fast-forward a couple years, and we now have an announced Art Academy game for Wii U, and it looks like it'll deliver. The possibility for me to experiment with drawing on the GamePad while in bed, with the lights off, is one that entices my artistic side very much, as I'm usually doing such drawings in the middle of the day, and also, I run out of paper sometimes. The GamePad could be the perfect tool.

This is a real creative step, I feel, for Nintendo, and shows they are taking the next logical step with their new series they've been doing. Of course, When Iwata announced this new game, he mentioned specifically the other most obvious aspect about the Wii U that is involved with art: Miiverse. The social community within Miiverse has thrived, with many, many great artistic posts. I've seen some, and gasped in awe at them, very jealous of these people's abilities. Because the Art Academy game isn't coming out soon, Iwata has said we will be getting new drawing tools within Miiverse to use, as they have seen the wonderful art that has been put out, and they want to deliver to those people. I personally haven't done really any Miiverse posts, as I am one to want color, but I thought I'd show a couple of them below. If you'd like, you can also check out my profile here.

Good ol' Monado. But if I had color...imagine...


I can do rough sketches with the limited tools already there, but imagine if Miiverse went full on Flipnote Studio level? That would be amazing (speaking of that-hint hint Nintendo, GIVE ME THAT), and would most likely make there just be a new flood of Miverse posts. The service isn't perfect, granted, but I'm going to embrace any changes they make to it, because it already sounds like they're doing in the right direction for those making the most out of the service. It can only get better from here, I think.

Now, let's get into the, well, not-so-obvious aspects of the Wii U that I think really make it shine for me, as an artist. Recently, you may have seen that I did a life-sized sketch of Jin Yuugami, the prosecutor from Ace Attorney 5. Because it was life sized, I was drawing on a long, rolled out piece of "postal paper" (that's what it's called at the supermarket-I call it drawing paper. ;) ), and well, that's a little hard to work with. So, I did something that I first did with the Shagohod (yes, to hurt old wounds, that still is at a standstill...I'm still not motivated to finish it. It's not scrapped, but well...I don't know, we'll see), and that was where the Wii U comes in.

I'm currently working on doing a scaled drawing of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, and so, you guys can see how I work with the GamePad in mind. Details on my thoughts are below.

Starting to get it?


Regardless of the image size fail...the zoom is very apparent...

When using the Wii U's internet browser, you can browse with the GamePad, and have the top screen display the same thing, or even a specific image or video, and you can go to a different page on the GamePad itself. But when you have it so that the TV displays what the GamePad does, it creates something awesome for me as an artist. I have this small screen, where I can zoom in and also measure the image easily for scaling purposes. On the large screen, I can see smaller, more minute details in larger form, as well as have a second reference point for the image. This technique is one I used while I was building the Shaghod, when I drew Jin Yuugami, and one I will continue to use with future drawings. And, in all honesty, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine-what if, for example, you were sitting at your desk, working on maybe a piece of art, or maybe even something entirely different, like a school report. The GamePad could be there, sitting on its little stand, with whatever you're using as a reference. Again, the idea of using it in bed comes to mind-plus, the internet browser is quick and easy to access, so it's possible to have a game going also in-between work times. There are most likely even more possibilities, and I really hope a developer picks up of these ideas-I honestly though of some right on the spot while writing this.

Now, going back to the other two next-gen consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4: I think they are both offering their own level of creativity, and what Media Molecule is doing with it certainly looks great. Project Spark is a bit different, and I'm not interested much in it, but I won't hate on it. However, I think that while both of those two things have their audiences, I think the Wii U has the potential to grab more artists because it can help with with not just virtual art, but also physical, real art, that is of course, a larger population. All I can say is, Nintendo, the opportunity is there for all of us to let our creativity out. Pull the plug, and let it begin.

True that.