While I recently talked about the "wow" factor in video games, there's also another feature of new video game announcements that is more varied from person to person: when that little fan in you comes out and wants to jump for joy. Maybe it happens because a new console is announced, or a specific character is in a certain game, or even a new game being announced. Such moments can happen at random times during the year, or in the weeks of GDC, E3, and other events. What's different about "fangasms" from the "wow" factor is that the wow is "wow, that looks so next-gen!" or something like that, and "fangasming" is getting super excited over something specific happening.


I'll be honest-I could actually barely come up with a list of things, but I still felt like doing the list, so here I am. I was trying more to focus on things that were announced that were parts of games I liked, instead of "wow, that game looks awesome!". Half of these are probably things the majority of gamers out there don't care about (which is a shame, because I love all these series), but whatever, I feel like putting my mind out there. I didn't include such things as the Skyward Sword reveal because I thought of them, but honestly, didn't think I was really fanboyish about them, and more of the "WOW, AWESOME! ZELDA!", which may sound like it fanboyish...but I don't know, it doesn't seem to fit to me. So whatever, here's my list.

5. X's E3 2013 Trailer


The most recent entry, the fact that Nintendo was actually including Monolith Soft's new game in their E3 Direct for America made me very happy as a fanboy of Xenoblade, because it told me that Nintendo is recognizing the potential of Monolith Soft as a first-party developer, and is confident in their ability. Also, the video showed to me how much Monolith was building upon the formulas they had in Xenoblade, as well as how much they were moving up. What we've seen so far from Monolith has already put them on my favorite developers list.

4. Kingdom Hearts III Exists


Yeah, here's the biggest one on the list, and the second most recent. Not much to say here-Kingdom Hearts III is coming out, and it looks awesome, and it's going to wrap up the Xehanort Saga. I. Am. Pumped. 

3. Phoenix Wright Returns in Ace Attorney 5


Um, so, this is my most anticipated game of all time. I'm more excited about this game coming out than any other game before, or in the future, save future Ace Attorney installments. There's a reason I've watched the trailer a lot. After waiting several years after learning that this game existed, we finally learned that the new installment would be a sequel to Apollo Justice, and that Phoenix had gotten his lawyer's badge back, after being cleared of the forgery charges. The fact that he's coming back, and is playable, makes me ecstatic, and made me so very happy that he was returning to "settle the score". Now, if only we got Ace Attorney Investigations 2 localized...

2. There's Going to be a TWEwY Announcement! (Ha...ha...)


So, last summer, we were teased with a new installment in the The World Ends with You series. I was constantly updating the page, and downloaded the 7th day's music before the 7th day even came. I still listen to it, and hope for the sequel that never came. Even though the end result was super awful, the original tease almost had me jumping around, so excited to know the series wasn't dead. 

1. The Announcement of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney


I will not lie. I was jumping around, arms in the air, so excited after this was revealed. Two franchises I had just started to really love, getting together for one crossover? I was so excited, and continue to be hopeful for an English Localization of the game. Seeing Phoenix with a voice, in animated cutscenes? I could only have dreamed of this (though now, we know Gyakuten Saiban 5 has cutscenes, so that dream has been answered in the core series as well!), as well as the fact that this crossover was actually happening. I once thought of the idea, before it was announced, because the franchises were a bit similar, but I never thought it would come true. All that has to happen now...is for a localization...do it, please, Level-5 and Capcom...please, do it...

Well, those are some of my favorite moments in the last few years, and the top one even beat out the excitement I've had for entire E3's I've had. Making this blog, I realize that I can't really think of "fanboyish" excitement moments I've had, which is most likely because I'm a younger gamer, game-wise, since I really started to do so often when I got my Nintendo Wii when I was 11. If I'd started early like most other people, I most likely would've been squealing at several more things. If you have any moments that excited you, sound off below.