Well, that's a mouthful, isn't it? I'm really not sure how to make that any shorter while keeping the idea intact, so we'll just leave it at that. In any case-yeah, I'm doing a blog on this subject. Why? Several reasons: one, I feel like it. Two, I want to spread the glory that that has been created in these videos. Three? I keep thinking about Ace Attorney, and I want to write about it. 

Ahahahahahaha! Haha...ha...okay, Kristoph, you can stop laughing now.

Disclaimer: the following footage belongs to those who created it and all its awesomeness. If any of he creators of the below videos and see this, and wish to take it down, by means, please inform me in some way. 

Also, I'll just be having little paragraphs under each link, and half of these videos DO contain explicit language-I will have appropriate warnings with each entry if they have any sort of mature themes. If you say I didn't warn you-well, you're lying. ;P And by mature, I simply mean, swearing, sexual themes, etc. There's nothing super major in any of the videos embeded in, I believe, except #2, which is not embeded, but linked in. The humor that is crude in these videos is, from my point of view, used for humor, and so, I tried to not be taken offensive to some of the inappropriate remarks made in them. If you don't like them, then I'm sorry. :(

ALSO, quick FYI-once this is posted, I'll be checking the videos to make sure none of the screens they start out on have any language-if they do, I'll simply link them and not embed them. Apologies in advance to anything.

10. Turnabout! Use Your Splash Attack!

Credit to GigaBowserX. This first one is pretty simple, and kind of repeats a lot, but it's great all the same. Pretty much Edgeworth and Phoenix going back to back with their Magikarp, and well, there are a lot of splash attacks. There are some good break ups from the repeating dialogue of "USE YOUR SPLASH ATTACK!", but it can get a little annoying at times, considering that the only voiced parts are any trademark "Objections!". So, while quite funny, this one falls on the bottom of my list.

9. A Wild Edgeworth Appeared!

Credit to HowlDemonicMagician. CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR PW:AA and AAI. Hey, it's another Pokemon related one! The name pretty much speaks for itself-a Pokemon trainer battles Edgeworth, with very great sprite usage from both Pokemon and the Ace Attorney series. This one is pretty long though, and it's part of a series, so the only real part that I found great was up to about 11 minutes, just so you know.

8. Phoenix Wright's Epic Objection

Credit to VoidDragonAtma. Potentially explicit words(homophobic insult). This video is a weird one-it's basically a collection of 5-10 second clips that are all random, and not related at all besides having an Ace Attorney character in them. So yeah, this is pretty great. Quick one too.

7. Hotel Phoenix Wright

Credit to HateRTP. EXPLICIT CONTENT(swearing). This is one of the two on this list that are a parody of a CD-I game-this one being Hotel Mario. We see Mario and his brother Luigi, aka Phoenix and Edgeworth, going to the Princess' place because they got invited over there for a picnic, but then they discover the evil Bower (Godot) has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom! Well, shoot, time to go find the princess!

6. Objection Land

Credit to Professaaaah. This video was part of a fad that was making parodies off a Six Flags advertisement that had some old man dancing. In this, we basically see the heads of Ace Attorney characters replace the people in the commercial, and hear "OBJECTION!" over and over. It's great.

5. Phoenix Wright Faces of Evil

Credit to HateRTP. EXPLICIT CONTENT(swearing). The other CD-I parody, this time of Zelda: Faces of Evil, features the potentially best sprite manipulation, with Phoenix as Link, Godot as Ganon, the Judge as the King, and Mia Fey as Zelda. Like Hotel Mario, it also basically has the original intro cutscene of the horrendous game implanted with Ace Attorney characters, but this one experiments a bit more, and for that reason, it's higher up. The humor is great, if a little offensive, but hey, I guess most humor is to someone.

4. Phoenix Wright Yu-Gi-Oh


(Unfortunately, the URL isn't being recognized-the video will open in a new window)

Credit to HateRTP. EXPLICIT CONTENT(swearing). Ah, look, Phoenix and Edgey are dueling! So great. With some references to Zelda CD-I and other YouTube memes inside, this video is one of the best I've seen, and also has full voice acting, though in Japanese (and I'm positive that half this stuff is not the actual translation). It takes place in what I presume to be a Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's episode, where Yu-Gi-Oh got bad, but whatever. It's great-watch it now.

3. Phoenix Wright Gone Wrong

Credit to HateRTP, for the last time. EXPLICIT CONTENT(swearing). This video is kind of like a better Epic Objection video, because it has these unrelated clips, but they last much longer, and also are better done parodies of existing content, which I don't feel like Epic Objection did as much.

2. Phoenix Wright: BS Evolved

Credit to Machinima. This video contains the most explicit content, with swearing, sexual references, and inappropriate remarks, and the following videos in the series contain more. AKA, if you're under 16-17...don't watch, most likely. Unless you've played Fallout or something. So, aside from that long disclaimer, yes, this series is hilarious. It's the most original of the lot I feel, because it simply has the characters doing random cases and saying random things that are hilarious, stupid, and kinda offensive. Though, it doesn't take itself seriously, so I'm mostly fine with the jokes made. The voice acting is all original, well done, and the animations are great. The only real reason to not watch would be if you don't like any sort of childish insults/inappropriate sexist remarks(that again, are just there for the joke). You can watch the video from the hyperlink above.

1. Boot to the Head

Credit to CMSPyroWolf. This video, as I understand, is pretty popular, as the other videos have far less views, and is a recreation of an original skit made by The Frantics, and, in my opinion, is much funnier, if not original. It fits with the Ace Attorney universe, has perfect animations, lip-synching, and also does do enough original content to make it stand out from the original clip. If you've watched this video before, you probably knew this was coming. I love this video, and well, it's always worth watching. Start the clip, and enjoy.

Well, that's it for this weird blog I felt like doing. I hope you got a laugh out of it, and if you know of any other good Ace Attorney videos, drop links to them in the comments below!