What? Whatever happened to destruction? What happened to The Destroyer? Well guess what-he's gone, and now, I'm here...okay, I'm the same person. In body...but well, things have happened, that almost made me leave GIO...and just, well, I'm not, but I'm kind of...reevaluating myself. In any case, from now on, this will be "Art of Recreation"...which is technically a better term, considering what I do is recreate image on paper, or physical things. So whatever, here's some more things I've done recently. 

Also, to give an update on the Shagohod...I've been lacking tons f motivation to do it, and well...I've considered scrapping it. It's 50/50 right now, but I just...I don't know, we'll see. I might move on to other projects I do feel like doing, and then I might come back to it. I'm sorry again about it...

Random Things


Same picture as above, coupled with the Phoenix drawing I did awhile ago.

Phoenix Wright, in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Dick Gumshoe


Jin Yugami

The Monado

Paper Bowser

Toon Link


And, here's a bottle rocket I made for Physics that looks like The Marker. Yes, I don't care it didn't fly as well as everyone else's-it protected the egg inside. It says "Will's Rocket" in Unitology.

Well, that's it...hope you guys enjoyed it. That's all for this week-I'll put out another batch when I think I have enough. And, from now on...I'm going to drop some music here at the bottom, from an upcoming game I'm excited for...so here...