We all have those certain games we've been craving for, some of us for a few months, some for more than a decade. We dream about the possibilities they could offer to improve upon their preceding game, and the possibility of diving back into their worlds. Today, I thought I'd share several of the games I hope are in development, with some being way more likely than the others. In any case, here are some of the games I really want to end up playing some day.

I was so disappointed when this didn't reveal my number 1...like I expected...

6. Dishonored 2

Last year's surprise stealth-action hit was a one of my favorite games released in 2012, only being beaten by two games that are now in my top ten-Zero Escape and Xenoblade Chronicles. Its wonderful art direction and compelling gameplay were a huge standout for me-this was the game that made me put down Borderlands 2 after playing it pretty much exclusively since its released. Though this game has been hinted at after Bethesda's comment about turning the game into a franchise, it hasn't been said that the game has started development(this is why games like Zero Escape 3 aren't on this list, because that has confirmed to exist). My hopes for the game would be that it has some new setting, to explore a new dynamic besides a city being hit by a plague. Gameplay would be similar, with some new powers, and the story of the game would focus more on the Outsider's origins, and his interactions with the world.

5. OverBlood 3

I have no shame in putting this here. The original two Super Replays are some of the funniest videos I have ever seen, and a new game being developed in the OverBlood series would be an insta-buy for probably half of GIO. It would probably be the best thing ever, and would change the face of video games as we know it. Also, it would be the reason PS4 rules generation 8.

4. Left 4 Dead 3

I've spent a lot of time with this zombie cooperative shooter, more than any other game I've played. While I have stopped playing recently, due to it becoming too much of an obsession, I would still love for it to have another installment. It could have a few new campaigns, a couple new infected types, and a new set of characters, and I'd still buy it. Left 4 Dead 2's humor is fantastic, and exploring a new set of settings with new characters would only provide more opportunities for funny, awesome zombie killing fun.

3. Fallout 4

Here's the one that pretty much everyone wants-the final true 4th installment in the Fallout franchise. I have always found the Fallout series much more compelling than the Elder Scrolls series, because of it having characters that are truly struggling to survive in the face of a world transformed by a nuclear armageddon. Moving into the next console generation, we could see many new possible settings, even possibly outside the United States. Wherever the game takes place, I hope to one day explore an area again laden with Deathclaws and Radscorpions. 

2. Radiant Historia 2

Here's the most obscure title on this list, because this game is probably one not many of you know about. It was a JRPG released for Nintendo DS in 2011 by ATLUS, and still hasn't had any hint of a sequel. It was popular enough to warrant a reprint, and also did well critically, so the fact that it hasn't had some sort of spiritual successor is disheartening to me. It's basically like Chrono Trigger, because it involves time travel, but the travel is over several months instead of millenia, with the main goal of the protagonist, Stocke, to change the outcome of a war between various kingdoms on the continent he lives in. One unique thing is also that there are two separate timelines, based on an early split, and the game requires you to move between both in order to gain knowledge of events in the other, as well as advance further, because they affect each other. Considering the game's ending...I'm really hopeful ATLUS releases a sequel to this wonderful game.

1. The World Ends with You 2

So, last summer, a teaser site went up related to The World Ends with You. I was very, very excited about a sequel happening, and then I found out it was an iOS remake. I. Was. Livid. Not only was it not a sequel, but it wasn't being put on 3DS also, and was thus missing its core audience. My appreciation for Square Enix dropped that day, taking away all the excitement I had about a sequel. Even though there are rumors of a sequel being made, there's still nothing that's been confirmed, and I am anxiously waiting any news of it being revealed. The only real clue we have of a sequel is the above image, but that still doesn't confirm that Square Enix has started making the game. With how things have been going recently for them, it's probably going to be an iOS exclusive with microtransactions or something. In any case, I just really want a sequel to my favorite Nintendo DS game, and please...put it on 3DS, put it on the console it's meant to be on.

Do you have any different games you've been waiting for, but haven't been confirmed to exist by the developer? That means no Kingdom Hearts 3, or Half-Life 3, guys.