Edit-I know about the animated movies, I'm talking about a full, live-action movie. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

The transition from video game to movie is a fickle one, which almost no one has seem to have done correctly. From such travesties as the Max Payne and Far Cry movies, to the more-spin-off-than-true Resident Evil movies, we've only seen a couple real successes in this field, with the original Wreck-it Ralph being the most notable success. The best things, in truth, that we've seen have come from the legions of fans of of our favorite series, from people like Freddie Wong and things like the fake Zelda movie trailer that IGN put up several years ago. Even though we've had even things like this, I still want to see what would happen if a full-fledged Dead Space movie was made.

Let's make this movie whole, Isaac. As in, no plot holes. Ha. Ha.

Dead Space launched me into the world of mature gaming, after years of me saying I wouldn't be like everyone else I knew and would wait until I was 17 to play something rated M (I was just raised to be...mm, innocent?). However, after being intrigued by trailers of Dead Space for so long, and my parents allowing me to purchase the original horror hit two weeks before the sequel hit, I broke that promise to myself, which I'm very glad I did. The series' blend of Resident Evil 4 gameplay, a fantastic story, and compelling atmosphere had me hooked from the beginning. Even though I wasn't as enamored with Dead Space 3 as its predecessors, I love the series very, very much, even more so than such series as BioShock, Super Mario Bros, and Professor Layton, which are all dear to me.

Today, while checking out the last articles in the industry, I happened upon something that immediately made my eyes widen: John Carpenter, the director behind such films as The Thing, wanted to tackle the idea of bringing the Necromorphs to the silver screen. Even though I have never seen any of his movies (gonna get some flak for that), I understand how respected and revered he has been with his work, and would love to see him do this sometime in the future. While I've thought about what I would want from a film about Isaac Clarke's endeavors, this small tidbit pushed me to really consider the possibilities, and thus, this blog exists. Below, I'll be discussing several aspects of the film that I find would be the best road for EA to take in making this movie, which is really just what I would want.

The Story: Keep it true, yet concise. 

You have the scene scripted, already. Just put it in live action.

Dead Space isn't Super Mario Bros., but it's not Metal Gear Solid either. One doesn't need to know all the EarthGov stuff that happened in the centuries leading up to Isaac's parts, but someone jumping into the second or third game without playing the first will lose something. Also, a huge thing is that it should focus on the original game; don't do 1 and 2 at once, nor put Downfall into real life. Isaac Clarke is a core of Dead Space, and should be there on the silver screen (I'll be getting into Isaac himself next). While the story of the original Dead Space has lots of "filler content", which was a whole bunch of "hey this is broken, go fix it Isaac!", none of us want a movie like that. At most, only two or three of those moments, throughout the entire movie, and make at least one minor, and not a fifteen minute thing. Conversely, that also means that things like the Leviathan, and the crash of the USM Valor into the Ishimura should be taken out, since they aren't critical to the overall story happening. 

However, that doesn't mean everything in the movie needs to be Isaac walking through some hallway, or talking with people through his RIG. One dynamic that should stay is that of Dr. Kyne, as his part is instrumental in that of Kendra's betrayal, as well as Isaac finding out about the Marker. Also, Nicole will need to be in the movie, with at least one scene where it seems to Isaac like she is alive. This could happen at a time Isaac is alone, and possibly fixing part of the ship, like I mentioned above. As for the beginning and endings of the game and movie-they should be virtually identical, with only the ending chapter being shortened, with the whole "bring the Marker through all these doors to the pedestal". The "concise" aspect really just means taking out the unnecessary chunks, so that there can be a real story in under two hours.

Isaac Clarke: He is an engineer. Make him be one.

Also, no face. Make it like the game, and put his face at a glimpse in the beginning, and helmeted the rest of the time.

One of the best things about Dead Space is its protagonist, Isaac Clarke. After the release of the original, and players seeing the horrors Isaac faces, he's become, well, one of the most "bad ass" characters in video games. While he is one, that doesn't mean he can't react in the movie to his first Necromorph encounters. He'll need to be built up to the bad ass he is, because that is what happens. As the player plays the game and gets better, Isaac himself gets better at dismembering, which should be reflected in the film. Sure, he can maybe fumble in the first couple of encounters, but build him up to be confident, and resistant to the nightmares he faces. He doesn't need to run away and kill the first slasher he sees on blind luck, but some sort of dynamic needs to be built up.

Perfect match.

As for the actor, well, the perfect choice is already there: Gunner Wright, Isaac's face model and voice actor. While his face shouldn't be seen more than twice in the actual movie, Isaac's trademark yells need to be there, as well as his voice in the subsequent games. Although he doesn't speak in the first game though, some lines will be needed in a movie. Some short ones will be alright, as well as maybe a couple one-liners, as long as he doesn't spend as much time talking as other characters, to heighten his silence from the original.

Visuals: Mix CGI and The Walking Dead. Gross us out...enough.

We've seen what they can do, EA. Hire them.

The talent behind the hit comic adaptation The Walking Dead needs to be included in this film, or at least, a team on par with them. While creatures like brutes and lurkers will need to be computer generated, seeing a real person dressed as a slasher will do wonders for the visuals of the movie. We don't need this to be super duper gory, but just enough, like The Walking Dead does. I want to see what can be done with a team like this moving beyond the conventional zombie and taking on this project. I just hope that if this is done, they do the visuals right, but don't go too far beyond what the games have done before.

Audio: *breathes*...

Dead Space's atmosphere is something the movie would need to nail down, otherwise gamers would automatically be less interested, as the atmosphere is a very key component in the series. Encounters with Necromorphs can be enhanced with the same score used in the games, modified of course, while some other parts can have low-key pieces playing. The person watching should be able to hear Isaac's breathing clearly, as well as feel the tension when the silence is broken. That's not saying half the movie has Isaac silent, but there are times when he'll need to be quiet. 

Well, that's what I'd want from a movie of my favorite horror series. Do you agree, or wish that the whole movie was Isaac screaming his head off? In any case, discuss below, and cross your fingers if you hope Carpenter ends up doing this!

Also, stomping. Stomping is VITAL.