After the recent trailers for Ace Attorney 5, I've been thinking a bit more about one of my favorite titles to ever be released: the Game Boy Advance turned DS game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is, in my opinion, one of the most creative and entertaining games ever created. I've played through it's five cases each at least ten times, each as exciting as the last. Because of this newly-kindled love for one of my all-time favorites, I decided today to do one of my "Top Ten Moments" for it.

"You're lying, **BRAAAHHHH**! And I can prove it!"

10. The Toupee Toss

File:Sahwit Toupee Attack.gif

Every witness and villain in the Ace Attorney series has their own little quarks, which make them all enjoyable to cross-examine, as well as to see their "breakdowns". Although the first case's villain, Frank Sahwit, has technically more than one breakdown, his first is the first one to be seen by the player in the entire series (if you play this game first, of course), and is quite hilarious. What you can't seen in the above animation is that the toupee goes directly into Phoenix's face, which sets the stage for the great level of humor the series employs.

9. Phoenix's First Objection

This is a magical moment for the series-the one word phrase used so much by the game's characters has become an internet sensation, has created many hilarious YouTube montages and images. The first time Phoenix yells "Objection!" is a great moment, and each following time it's just as great. However, this first time is definitely one of the best, and, if you're like me, will forever stick in your mind.

8. "Have You Been Swimming Lately?"

The antagonist of the final case in this game, Damon Gant, is one of the most entertaining in the whole series, which is saying a lot, considering all of the great ones the series employs. What sets Gant apart from the others is how powerful and arrogant he is, while being "friendly" at the same time. Giving everyone nicknames (the judge is "Udgey"), asking if people have been swimming lately, and constantly clapping his hands shows the barrier Gant has built to shield himself from the crimes he has committed. One of the best parts though, is the first time you hear his theme-just listen, and watch him stare at you.

7. Mia's Death

While some games may immediately kill off a character and expect you to mourn them(and fail to do so), the first Ace Attorney game doesn't do that. Phoenix's mentor, Mia Fey, who is present with Phoenix during his first case acquitting Larry Butz,  is the victim for the second Turnabout, Turnabout Sisters. What really gets the player to care about her death is that when Phoenix finds her, her sister, Maya, is also present, weeping in horror and shock. Although I do these lists more on "oh God this moment is AWESOME", this scene deserves to be here, for the sheer weight of it. Rest in peace, Mia.

6. Seeing Maya being possessed by Mia

One of the stand out thing about the Ace Attorney series is that, like Professor Layton, it portrays a realistic world with aspects that aren't realistic. While with Layton, the aspects are more "oh hey it's something weird...oh, it's just an illusion or something", with a few exceptions, the Ace Attorney series doesn't pretend to hide the mystic things going on, with things like Apollo's bracelet, and the Fey clan. What's unique about Mia and Maya's family is that they are gifted(or, according to some, cursed) with very strong medium powers, or the ability to contact the deceased. How the Fey clan does this is by channeling the spirits of the deceased, where their bodies will inhabit the spirit, with the spirit being in complete control, and their body looking like the spirit's. Maya Fey(and Pearl Fey, in the following titles) use this ability often, with the first time being when Maya channels Mia during her own trial. 

5. Gumshoe Busts the Mafia

The clumsy detective. He's such a pro-he deserves his own spin-off.

While Turnabout Samurai is my least favorite case of the original game, it still ranks above some of the other ones in the series to me. On the final investigation day, Phoenix and Maya confront the killer, Dee Vasquez, and accuse her of manipulating the victim, Jack Hammer, because of an incident he was involved with. After the accusation(which they do using a photo of said incident), Vasquez summons members of a mafia she has connections to, and tells them to "erase" Phoenix and Maya. However, after a few tense moments, the great Detective Gumshoe busts in and stops this from happening. Gumshoe is one of the best characters in the Ace Attorney universe, and this moment is one of his best in the original game.

4. Gant's Breakdown

What's better is that he starts slowly, and then gets fast, and finishes with the slow again.

Going back to Damon Gant-I love his breakdown, a lot. After finally being accused of the murders of Joe Darke and Bruce Goodman, the chief of police begins to do his trademark clap and laugh, until it gets to an inhuman speed.

3. Meeting Miles Edgeworth


Miles Edgeworth is a worthy(ha. ha) rival to Phoenix Wright, even surpassing him in some respects. The man is almost always a step ahead of Phoenix in the early trials, but in the end, he ends up "partnering up" with Phoenix in a sense, working to find the true culprit(this is most clearly seen in the Rise from the Ashes case). His initial appearance is one of mystery, and his cold, calculated moves that follow showcase his wit and tenacity.

2. Replaying the game over and over, and enjoying it just as much

Okay, this might not be true for everyone, but it is for me-every few months, I pick up the game again and roll through it, and still loving every minute of it. Sure, sometimes, the answers to questions are easy, but they're also enjoyable to see happen again. The story and writing were so well down as well, and the breakdowns never get old. I will play this game a lot for the years to come, I believe.


Ah, Manfred von Karma, the antagonist of Turnabout Goodbyes, my personal favorite case in the entire series. When Phoenix finds out he is the prosecutor for Edgeworth's trial, he finds out that von Karma has never lost a case in his 40 year career, and is a "God of prosecution". However, this doesn't stop Phoenix from acquitting Edgeworth of his crime, as well as finally revealing how von Karma was the one who killed Edgeworth's father 15 years earlier(which Edgeworth believed had been his doing the whole time). Before the final nail is put in his coffin though, von Karma, panicking, demands Phoenix to show evidence, which he does-the bullet that killed Edgeworth's father. The main point with this evidence is that it could be compared to the bullet inside von Karma, as he had been shot the same day he killed Gregory Edgeworth. What happened was that Edgeworth, his father, and another man were trapped in an elevator, and when his father and the man began to argue, the boy Edgeworth threw the closest thing-a gun from an earlier trial-at the man. The gun fired, going through a window in the elevator, and hitting von Karma in the shoulder(which von Karma never removed, in case of any records). Once the elevator finally opened, von Karma took the gun, and shot the unconscious Gregory, due to the defense lawyer accusing him of using fake evidence, for which von Karma was penalized. Once Phoenix presents the bullet, von Karma screams "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!"(which he had gotten from Maya, who had managed to get it from von Karma when he attempted to destroy any evidence of his involvement with the death of Edgeworth's father. This, and von Karma's following breakdown, highlight the satisfaction of the Ace Attorney series in its fullest.


Weird Moments: Any time with the Old Bag...(I am not making up that name.)