Here we go-here's a start to my new series! Like I've shown before, I am somewhat of an artist, and now mainly focus more on recreation of physical objects, instead of drawing. In any case, I'm planning on making this a weekly blog, but possibly more/less often that, depending on if I have much new to show each week. I am planning on recreating Monado III, as well as the Shagohod, but those projects have been put off a couple days due to being busy with other things, but I am starting Monado III tomorrow, which will have its own separate blog.

For the headers, I'm going to take concept art from various games. Hmm...maybe I should let people guess? ;) This is from an unreleased game, that we only have a trailer for-and no name yet.

Alright, so here's how it's gonna go-first, I'm going to try and always group some of my old drawings(as in, a couple years old, so some are kinda bad) into game categories. In any case, here's the first display!

The Legend of Zelda

Good ol' Majora's Mask. This one is the oldest of all the bunch-several years old.

"I'm the Happy Mask Salesman! And I'm blurry and have a rip in my face!"

"Go forth and do my bidding!"

Fierce Deity of Blurriness!

Probably one of my better ones. I still haven't beaten Majora's Mask though...

One of the coolest looking final bosses...


BioShock Infinite

This was from when the GI issue came out...

Hey, remember this guy?...what do you mean he wasn't in the final game? :P

Eh, this one isn't that great IMO...


Portal 2

And finally, GLaDOS from the GI cover...

Well, that's all for today! I've got several more old drawings, but I'll save them for next week. I appreciate any and all feedback from you guys-you're great! I might do the other batch of old drawings before a week is over, but I don't want to do too much and then have nothing left. :P In any case, that's all for tonight, and happy blogging!