Multiplayer is a dominant part of the gaming industry; games such as Halo, New Super Mario Bros., and Uncharted all offer experiences to play with friends, as well as alone. A lot of people spend their game time with other people, whether it be kart racing or shooting at each other. 

So, for today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite experiences I've had when playing some of my favorite games.

Left 4 Dead 2-Getting a death charge

Left 4 Dead 2 saw the introduction of three new special infected, one of them being the charger. His usefulness is very present in versus and scavenge modes, as he allows for an insta-kill on a survivor if he successfully charges a survivors off a high building, or into water. Getting one is one of the most satisfying moments, as you've just made the game that much easier for your team.

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch-Last one standing(modded server)

Once upon a time, I played lots of Half-Life 2's multiplayer. However, what I played wasn't really actual firefights, but modded servers. Some had low gravity and basically required the use of a Gravity Gun at all times, and some were more unique. One of the servers I found was one I fell in love with, and probably played at least 100 matches on, though I've never been able to re-find the server, and sadly only played the mode for a couple of weeks or so. Anyway, the premise of the mode was that there were a number of players, who all had 30 seconds to find a spot to hold down, and when the timer finished, a player was selected at random to become a zombie, with only a crowbar. The rest of the players had to avoid the fast zombies and survive as long as they could, with the last person standing being the winner. Each of the unique maps for the server had different spots to camp, and while the game did evolve to just throwing yourself at the humans, hoping to infect one, it was really fun.

Borderlands 2-"IT'S RAINING GUNZ"

One of the best parts of Borderlands 2 was the ending of the BUNK3R boss fight. Once the enemy was killed, it exploded in midair, and it was literally raining guns at that moment. My friends and I were ecstatic, and it really defined the game in one moment.

Mario Kart-Blue Spiny Shell usage in Coin Battle

My brothers and I use to play a lot of Mario Kart Wii, and this was probably what we put the most hours into. Most of all, we played Coin Runners, where each team had to get the most coins to win. Almost always, me or one of my brothers would be holding almost 20 coins, which would make us a target for the rest of us. When someone uses a blue shell in this mode, it automatically targets the person with the most coins on the other team-which would result in a large, glittering explosion, every time.

Each of these experiences is one that is very memorable to me, and I hope to see games exist in the future that are able to capture these moments of elation in multiplayer. Now-time to go get some death charges.