The following piece is from my own personal experience, and does NOT*** represent every single other gamer out there. If you feel insulted because of how I define fans of Microsoft and Sony, I'm sorry for doing so. 

Also, for clarification, when I say Nintendo fanboy, I mean to say that Nintendo is my favorite of the console manufacturers. However, I do own a PS2, a PSP, a 360, and also have spent more time on my PC than on any Nintendo system. I am not only devoted to the Japanese company. The rest is the actual blog I'm writing for today.

For this second-to-last weekend of my 31/31, I'm going to deal with a more personal topic; Nintendo, myself, and the gaming community as a whole. If you don't already know, the first actual console I owned was a Nintendo Wii, and the game that really got me into gaming was Twilight Princess. Since then, I have moved more onto PC as my dominant gaming platform, but I still consider myself infatuated with Nintendo, and am confident that this fact won't change.

Over the last few years, I've discovered how much my favorite company is looked down upon by the rest of the community. Sure, people make fun of Xbox Live for being a paid service and for being full of under 10 year olds, and people call back to the PSN outage in 2011, but the majority of "hate" in the gaming community, from what I've seen at least, has been directed towards Nintendo. While about 85% of it is unjustified, it still gets to me, and to others, and has created the "console wars".

Today, I'm going to talk about how I personally feel, about the assumptions and disadvantages I face when I make comments about Nintendo in a positive light.

I can't have my own opinion

I would rather play Wii than an Xbox 360 or PS3, 8/10 times(it really depends on what games I can play, so I'm putting that 8 there. :P). There, I said it. Now, someone reading this has already scoffed in disbelief, at someone having an opinion like this. I know I'm in the minority on this issue, but is it really that bad to say something like this? What is honestly wrong with preferring to play Zelda, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., or Xenoblade over Halo or Uncharted? A lot, apparently, because those games "aren't as good" as titles on the more powerful two consoles. I'm apparently not allowed to think a certain way because a majority of the gaming community looks down on my opinion already.

Liking Nintendo means I only play "kiddie games", and am not "hardcore"

People associate the Wii with games that are more friendly to all ages, while the 360 and PS3 have titles too mature for the graphically inferior console. While this is obviously true, with Nintendo themselves catering toward a broader audience, and the other two companies looking more at their older audiences, this doesn't mean that Nintendo is only for people under the age of 10. They have released plenty of titles that have had themes and stories that deal with more mature stories. Twilight Princess had an overall dark nature, Fire Emblem has character death very present, and they are now working to get mature, exclusive games published for Wii U, like Bayonetta 2. Plus...just this:

The constant "Wii has no games/is inferior"

This is, again, tied with my first point, about opinions. The belief that some people hold is just unbelievable, when you think about it; gamers play the Wii for fun, and enjoy it. I've had better experiences on Nintendo consoles than I ever had on any other system, so to me, it isn't inferior. What really matters is the enjoyment of the gamer-for example, just because a game looks good, doesn't mean it is good. Even if I play a game on 360 that utilizes its technical height(compared to Wii's), I usually have more fun with the Wii, simply because I found the games on it more enjoyable, and unique to it. 

Let's play Bingo!

I think that all of us experience some form of attack that fits into each of these categories-whether it's Nintendo vs. Everyone, PC vs. Everyone, or Consoles vs. PC, there's always an attacker somewhere who wants to justify the purchase they made by degrading the other consoles. However, I think most people can agree that the Nintendo feud is one that has been ongoing the longest, due to the broader route Nintendo has undertaken in recent years. 

Despite these, attacks, however, I will not bow down from defending Nintendo. The reasoning for that though, will be in my blog for tomorrow.