For my final look at Super Replay, I'm going to give my opinion on the best moments of the series-as well as the worst. This time, I'm going to go some more also into the Super Replays of good games, but since I find the others more entertaining, I'm going go focus more on them.

The Best of Super Replay

Best Super Replay: OverBlood 2

This Super Replay was a taxing one for the crew, with it being the longest they've ever done. Also, they experienced several episodes where within the game, they really didn't make any progress. Regardless, this is my favorite Super Replay thus far. Every episode has some great moments in it, and this is the game of the "bad" Super Replays that I want to play the most. If I ever work at Gameinformer, I am going to get this from the vault, day one. 


Galerians-Rainheart's death

I talked about this character's death in the first of these Super Replay blogs-the death of Rainheart is something none of us will ever forget. Coupled with the cutscene afterwards, with his weird face...none of us will forget that either.

Cyberia-Any moment with Mike

The true antagonist of Cyberia was not Devlin-it was the army clone of Mike's opposing Zak in his quest for the Cyberia weapon. The great Tim Turi, however, managed to deal with the army of clones that somehow appeared from nowhere at every turn, and beat the game. Any moment where a Mike was present was the best in the game, as there were enough incidents with him to cause him being the focus of the t-shirt contest, and the above design winning it.

OverBlood-The death of Pipo

This is the moment that changed Replay forever-the death of the beloved robot Pipo, the true deteuragonist of OverBlood(Milly does not qualify. Pipo was much better). He helped Raz-I mean Wienerless Steve so much in their short time together, and the Replay community will always remember the sacrifice Pipo made-if he hadn't sacrificed himself for Steve, than he wouldn't have been able to guide Acarno in the sequel. Thus, if it weren't for Pipo, the world would have ended. So thank you Pipo.

Tail of the Sun-Ganon's demise

What makes this moment so important to this Super Replay is how much build up there was to it-Dan worked for several episodes to find the demonic blue pig, While the actual fight wasn't super epic, the fact that it happened was very momentous, in the shadow of the hand. We will always salute The Coug for his work in this Super Replay.

Blue Stinger-Jeep Crab

The most recent Super Replay had some great moments, but episode 6 probably had some of the best. The conclusion of the episode had the boss fight with what Matt Helgeson dubbed the "Jeep Crab", which looked amazing. It pretty much captured the game in one fight-the amazing character of Dogs Bower taking down some weird Necromorph-like creature.

I won't be including OverBlood 2 in this part, because of how many moments there are; I can't pick a favorite.


Worst Super Replay-Mega Man Legends 2

My least favorite Super Replay is Tim's playthrough of Mega Man Legends 2. What I didn't really like about it was how little it actually intrigued me-I never was in the mood of "YES ANOTHER EPISODE", just more of "I'll watch this". Plus, it didn't help that the game's story was convoluted, and had to end on a cliffhanger. The thing I remember most about this replay, was how much grinding there was towards the end, and the call out to The World Ends with You-that did make me feel good. 


Cyberia-The mutagen sequence

One of the last "incredible action sequences" in the game was one of the most monotonous segments of this Super Replay-it wasn't the fault of the GI staff, but how stupid the part was designed. the awful part took almost an entire episode, and was the worst part of the entire Super Replay.

Half-Life-Dan's incompetence

No offense if you read this Dan, but your playthrough was tough to watch. You made the game harder for yourself half the time, and wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be.

OverBlood 2-The Batmaniac outfit

I know this is my favorite Super Replay, but it was pretty hard to watch them think that the Batmaniac outfit would solve their problem of "flying through the air"...when it was for Navarro, not Acarno. 

Well, that concludes my look at Gameinformer's Super Replay series. I'm thinking about another small little series to do in this 31/31 this weekend that's more personal to me.