Following yesterday's look at Super Replay's past, I decided for today to look towards its future. There have been many great ones so far, and hopefully many more to come, as long as they don't destroy the great Tim Turi's sanity. 

As for the future of Super Replay, I'm going to do a couple things; look at what I think is most plausible for future installments, as well as some games that I would hope would happen at some point.

Super Replay in 2013

2/24: A Tim Schafer Game(Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, etc.)

Reiner has confirmed that the secret Super Replay that began filming in November of last year will be airing on Sunday, and I'm guessing its going to be one of the games by Tim Schafer. We heard talk of this originally during the OverBlood 2 Super Replay, with Dan saying that he wanted to play Psychonauts, as well as someone saying that they wanted Grim Fandango as a Super Replay. 

Super Replay Showdown Prediction: Tim will win

After Tim's losing to Ben Reeves last year in the non-skill based Sumotori Dreams competition, he got very angry with Ben Hanson over his choice in game. After this, I'm expecting Tim will try very hard to win the Showdown. If you read this Tim-I'm rooting for you!

Summer 2013: Cyberia 2

This is a kind of guess that is a little bit based on previous evidence, but is up in the air. While Reiner has previously hinted at this happening, I'm feeling that Tim will put his foot down and refuse to play the game, considering how the last one went. 

12/31: IllBleed

This one is almost a no-brainer, as it's been talked about by the crew during the Blue Stinger Super Replay. However, it hasn't been confirmed by them, but they definitely said they've been considering it. My guess is that the Roulette of the game will come sometime in the spring, and that will show whether or not the game ends up as a Super Replay.

What I Would Like to See Later in Super Replay

Metal Gear Solid

The first 3D entry in the Metal Gear series redefined the stealth genre, and set a precedent in storytelling within video games. I really hope that we get to see this entry as a Super Replay at some point.

Final Fantasy VI

I don't care that this would probably be a 40 episode Super Replay-I want this to happen. Put Joe on the sticks, and start doing one of the best games of all time! 

Alright, it's about one hour till the Sony conference, so I'm going to leave off here. Hope you liked this look at the future of Super Replay, and I'll look some more at the feature tomorrow.