Well, my original blog for today was half done, but it was then I discovered that I couldn't upload pictures from my computer on here because they were too big in size, so that fell through. Instead, I've decided to take on a more generic topic.

This is a blog that tons of people have done, so I do feel a little shameful in posting this, but it was probably going to happen eventually. So, if you've guessed yet, I'm writing about some of my favorite weapons in video games. I'm going to choose ones that are not only cool, but also satisfying to use in combat.

Spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles, 358/2 Days, 

Monado III-Xenoblade Chronicles

The third Monado is the final weapon you obtain story wise in Xenoblade Chronicles, and is only used for the third stage of the final boss. It makes Monado II look weak in comparison, considering how easy the boss is after Shulk acquires the weapon. Coupled with its strength is its design; it looks so cool and intricate. Plus, it's not even solid, it's transparent, which could mean it's some concentrated energy.

Oblivion and Oathkeeper-Kingdom Hearts 358/2

In the sequence before the final boss against Riku, Roxas is able to dual wield the Keyblades Oathkeeper and Oblivion, which he uses fighting the Neoshadows. While this sequence may be very short, it is altogether player empowering, as you take them out in one hit, while before their were difficult, annoying enemies.

Flamethrower-Dead Space 2

While it's illogical that the flamethrower would be a good weapon against Necromorphs, using one that's overpowered and fully upgraded is awesome. At this point, on normal difficulty, it takes a couple seconds of use to kill an enemy, and makes the game very easy.

Fatman-Fallout 3

Since I play on PC, I just turn on God mode, and instantly have unlimited ammo-mini nukes for everyone! That's basically what I did during the Liberty Prime sequence.

Super Gravity Gun-Half-Life 2

While the Gravity Gun is already an amazing weapon, the altered version from the ending sequence is even better. After Freeman loses all of his weapons, you're left with only the Gravity Gun, which gets changed by the weird Combine field. This version lets you directly send enemies flying, which was really awesome.

That's all for today. I might try again with what I originally planned for today, but since Metal Gear Rising comes out tomorrow...well..I might be busy.