Trailers are tasked with summing up what they're advertising in only a couple minutes(unless you're a Kingdom Hearts trailer). I love video game trailers-I think that, when they're put together right, they can just be fun to watch, even years after the game comes out. There are trailers I sometimes randomly watch because I just want something to listen to while doing homework, and I just pull it up and let it roll.

I've even got a set of trailers link in my bookmarks in my web browser-there's just something about them that I love. So tonight, I thought I'd put out a few of my favorite trailers that I've seen over the last few years.

Dead Space-Launch Trailer

The original Dead Space is one of my favorite games, and this trailer sums it up pretty well. It focuses on conveying the premise of the story while also highlighting the action-horror gameplay. Though for some reason, it does show the final boss...which, while not really a spoiler, is just an odd choice. Regardless, it's an awesome trailer.

Alan Wake: The Writer Trailer

The Writer's trailer focuses on a selling point of the second DLC for Alan Wake; what in the world is happening within the universe of Alan Wake(even though the ending of the DLC was ambiguous at best). It also highlights some notable features of the series-the lighthouse shot represents the focus of light versus darkness. The dialogue and scenes in the trailer also elicits how different the games are compared to others; you don't even hear things like "transmissions cna be sent between worlds" in games like Deadly Premonition or Heavy Rain. Alan Wake is it's own pyschological horror game, and this trailer highlights that.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trailer

The Ace Attorney series hosts one of the wackiest yet morbid universes in gaming, and this trailer perfectly captures it. From showing off screens of characters like Wendy Oldbag(shudder) to a couple of the scenes laden with blood, this is how a trailer shines; showing exactly what the game is.

The World Ends with You Trailer

The music..dear God, the MUSIC. 

Resident Evil 4

What's really neat about this trailer is that it's from early in the development stage, so it has several different things from the final game. This trailer nails the atmosphere-creepy, and secluded, with some unnatural action. It even captures how annoying Ashely is!

So yes, that's it for today. Do you enjoy watching trailers as much as I do, or are you on the side of "I don't want anything spoiled"?