Well...I was originally going to write about one of those topics I mentioned in the first blog...but I've had a bad day....so instead, I decided to write about a more personal topic: moments in video games that have made me shed tears.

I've never been one to really hide how I feel about things-I get emotional easily, so this isn't a huge deal to me...but please, don't make fun of me...I'd just rather not deal with it now.

So, here we are...the times in my life...when a video game has made me cry...and spoilers, of course...

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days(The Ending)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2's ending was the first time when in a game that I saw something happen that made me cry. What happened at this point was the ending scene, with Roxas running to meet his "friends" at the Usual Spot...when in reality, he had just had his memory erased, and was actually in a simulation of Twilight Town. Watching Roxas run, with the smile on his face, not knowing his current state, brought tears to my eyes. I was so sad that he worked so hard to save the people he cared about, only in the end to have to defend himself from one of them, and to leave the other behind.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box(The Ending)

I'm the kind of person who cares about characters...even in movies...I have this thought that, if I see a story happen...I don't care if that story is next to impossible...if the outcome is a sad one, I will feel sorry for that character, and a great example of one of these characters...is Anton. Throughout Anton's whole life, he lived in a jealous, sad state, believing that the love of his life had left him. And then, after several decades, he finally found out that he had been wrong, and that he had been oblivious to his own aging: in his eyes, he went from being is his early twenties to seemingly sixties or so in a matter of seconds. His story was so mad to me, because of the fact that he missed so much of what he should have seen, and lived a lie for so long, only for the ending to be happy. Even though that ending was so happy, I couldn't help but cry in sadness for him.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future(The Ending)

This one, if you've played the game, is hopefully a no-brainer to you: the game ends with Layton's love being transported back in time to the moment of an explosion, which would result in her own death, which no one can prevent. This sad result is one most definitely worthy of tears.

The World Ends with You(The Ending)

Neku Sakuraba is one of the most memorable characters in any game I've played, and for good reason: he and I are very similar. This is even true for how he is at the beginning and end of the game, after the radical change he goes through, opening himself up t others, and beginning to appreciate things more. However, directly after the final boss, Neku is confronted by Joshua, and is forced to either shoot him, or be shot. At first it seems like Neku is going to take the shot, but afterwards, it shows him lowering the gun, and tears falling from his eyes. This scene represents the change he goes through, and the challenges he faced along the way. Because of the way I connected to him, and then seeing this awful decision being presented to him, I had to let the tears flow. 

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots(Old Sun and Naked Sun/Sin)

Solid Snake is one of my all-time favorite video game characters: he is a legendary soldier, and committed himself to saving the world from Liquid Ocelot(I know the details on this are fuzzy of course, but I'm not going to deal with that now). In the end, what really gets to me is the fate of Solid Snake. As I watched him stagger through the long chamber with intense heat, emotions bubbled up inside me I couldn't contain. This man, who had never gotten anything back from the world, and had been treated as a criminal at points, was literally evaporating, and was willingly doing so in order to protect the freedom of everyone on Earth. And then, after he had done all this, in the very final act, he was about to commit suicide in order to protect the world again from the virus he(thought) was brewing inside of him. He willingly almost gave up his life, after the world had shunned him, after his short life, after years of battle and loss, and after he just saved the world again. The fact that Solid Snake almost did this is unbearable to me-his life was so sad, full of grief and regret, and he never got anything back until the very end, in his last months of peace with Otacon. Solid Snake is the most honorable video game character ever, and is worthy of the tears of anyone.

Radiant Historia(The Ending)

At this point, if you've read everything I've written for the other ones, this is probably predictable, because it is; in the end, the protagonist, Stocke, is forced to sacrifice himself to prevent the desertification of the world. It was sad, but the true ending, where it is implied that Stocke might live again, also warranted tears of happiness.

So yes, those are several of the video games that have made me cry. There are a couple others I think, but I can't really remember them at this time. And, it's late, and don't feel like writing more. 

And, to continue, here's another part of an OST that I'm fond of: