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Super Smash Bros.

Lady Palutena Has Huge Attacks

Newcomer to Super Smash Bros. Lady Palutena was revealed at E3, and today we receive some insight into her huge attack range.

Referencing the screen you see above, director Masuhiro Sakurai wrote on the Miiverse, "I talked about an attack with a far reach in yesterday's post, but it didn't compare to Palutena's up smash attack! No joke, it reaches really far. It reached so far in this shot that even the rocketbarrels got blown up." He followed up with another screenshot, seen below, writing, "That said, if we're talking just about range, even that can't beat Palutena's power, Heavenly Light. It has quite a damage field. However, this is a no-flinch attack, which means the opponents won't react to the damage!"

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[Source: Super Smash Bros., Miiverse]

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  • My new main
  • Peach has always been my main cuz I'm crazy good with her but it might change when I get this game! THE HYPE IS REAL! Lol
  • She'll make a great team brawl partner since my favorite/main is Pit.
  • Will this game release please so it can stop wasting space on the front page with absolute worthless news.
  • Those attacks can't be doing too much damage either. Other wise I question the balancing of that character.

  • I think Palutena is going to be like Elizabeth in P4A, she can kill anyone in five seconds, and anyone can kill her in five seconds.
  • For the love of god Nintendo where are Falcon and Ness? This is an instabuy for me, however if my two favorite characters don't come back I will definitely reconsider.
  • Yup, that's a big wide attack alright.

  • Yup, that's a big wide attack alright.

  • Now I just need to see meta knight in a trailer or screenshot

  • No I'm worried about the balance...

  • sure palutena lock-in!

  • She seems crazy powerful. Wonder if she'll get banned from tournaments.

  • A seemingly overpowered attack on the surface, but it leaves her vulnerable as hell on either side of her. And Smash attacks take a while to charge, so you'd have to time this perfectly. ...Out of context that sounds disgusting.
  • I seen on the smash bros site that some characters can't change there attacks. ( Palutena included ) Mario has 3 different fireball attacks, yet some can't. I wonder who else can't.

  • I'm liking these newcomers. Either Shiek or Peach will be my choice tho. I kick major butt with those girls

  • I really like her fighting-style. She looks pretty similar to Zelda, who was one of my mains in Brawl.

    Of course, I can't say I'll main with her just yet, but I believe I'll be choosing her for my first match after getting my hands on the game.

  • Can't wait to give these new characters a spin. Since they got rid of Falco (seriously...) I'm gonna need a new main.
  • Anybody get the feeling that she is gonna need to be nerfed not long after release?