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Hyrule Warriors

Twilight Princess Costume DLC Coming To Hyrule Warriors

The Japanese website for Hyrule Warriors recently showcased some of the costume DLC for the game.

Right now, the DLC is only confirmed for the Japanese version of the game. There are multiple planned editions for the Japanese version of the game called the Premium and Treasure Box. These outfits are part of the courage and wisdom costume costume sets. Presumably a power costume set is also planned in the interest of finishing out the Triforce. More DLC costumes are planned, but these are all that have been revealed so far.

For more on Hyrule Warriors, check out trailers for Link wielding the Master Sword and the Fire Rod, the appearance of Lana, Zant, And Agitha, Zelda, and ImpaFor more, check out our hands-on impressions from E3, an interview with the team, and the title's E3 trailerHyrule Warriors will be out on September 26 on Wii U.

[Source: Hyrule Warriors via Siliconera]

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  • I don't mind costume DLC for this game. I personally love customiztion items in games. I bet there will be some cool ones in the game.

  • Nintendo doing DLC? (Nose begins to bleed) I'm in a parallel universe. That makes more sense.
  • Game just keeps getting better and better. This will be my go-to costume.

  • Speaking of which, I was just playing Twilight Princess again today. I hope these come to the US, too.
  • Looks awesome but announcing dlc before the game has even released! Geesh cant these companies just throw us a bone and give it all
  • TP Link and Zelda are my favorites so this is great news.

  • Damn Nintendo.... Don't you know US consumers throw our money at CE's and dlc!? This needs to come Stateside.

  • really? why is this DLC? remember when you just had to unlock these kind of things through playing the game, ya can we please go back to that, games where a lot of fun back then.

  • DLC before the game is even out, I hate this part of modern gaming so much.

  • That's cool. My only exposure to Zelda thus far is Smash Brothers, which borrows from these designs, so the Hyrule Warriors models looked really bizarre in my eyes.

  • I'm really not a fan of DLC being announced prior to the games release.
  • At first I thought they were updated Brawl models for the new Smash Bros. Anyways, hopefully if Ganondorf is announced as a playable character, he'll have his own costume set.

  • Honestly I always thought Link looked his best in TP. Was a fan of the game's more realistic style.

  • The more I read the comments on these kind of articles the more respect I lose for the Nintendo crowd. EA and other companies are crucified for similar DLC concepts for their property but somehow its okay for Nintendo cause they are failing. Never seen a bigger group of tools gathered in one spot. You guys want Nintendo to win?? Stop eating whatever scraps they keep throwing your way. The way you fools grovel at their every world, even the homeless think you're homeless and take pity.
  • Don't worry, Zelda's French whore costume and Link's rubber gimp suit ship with this shameless cash grab!
  • Already? Lol.

  • So this comes with each of the special editions that come with physical treats such as the Triforce clock, treasure chest and a scarf. I think you should make that clearer.
  • I just checked and it comes with all copies of the game in Japan.

    Source: www.nintendoworldreport.com/.../hyrule-warriors-to-get-twilight-princess-skins-as-dlc-