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Hyrule Warriors

Lana, Zant, And Agitha Take The Field

A new trio of Hyrule Warriors combatants are getting ready to take the field. Nintendo’s Dynasty Warriors mash-up is starting to develop quite the diverse cast.

First up is Agitha, the self-proclaimed “princess of the bug kingdom” from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She uses her parasol and can summon large beetles and grasshoppers to help her fight.

Zant, who was a key antagonist in Twilight Princess, will also take the field of battle. It appears he will return to his wicked ways, wielding dual scimitars to confound the heroes.

Finally, a new character takes the field. Lana is a magic user who is determined to stop Hyrule Warriors’ villain, Cia.

You can see more of these characters in the gallery below. You can also check out trailers for Link wielding the Master Sword and the Fire Rod, Zelda, and ImpaFor more, check out our hands-on impressions from E3, an interview with the team, and the title's E3 trailerHyrule Warriors will be out on September 26 on Wii U.

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  • Lana looks pretty cool, and hopefully Zant will be playable. Really baffled on Agitha - is she going to fight with her parasol?
  • Let's see what the complaints on this article will be today....
  • Ill be honest, I had absolutely no interest in this game for the longest time, but zant being playable might actually convince me to try it out. I love that crazy, spinning ***

  • I thought Zant was confirmed non playable?

  • i know there are alot of wii u fans im just not sure a dynasty warriors game with zelda is worth the purchase

  • i know there are alot of wii u fans im just not sure a dynasty warriors game with zelda is worth the purchase
  • Zant's my man!

  • Zant looks great in HD.

  • A playable Zant would be interesting. Still waiting to see what capacity Ganondorf will be appearing in.

    Agitha is a weird inclusion, and her move-set doesn't look that appealing. Makes me wonder what other random characters will be making the cut...

  • Loving all these characters you can pick from.

  • Lana...seems interesting. Looking forward to seeing some Zant gameplay. Agitha...why? Heck, if thats the case how about Tingle, the Bean Seller, or the Mailman?
  • Mod

    ZANT!?!? Oh yes!!! I sure hope he is going to be playable!!!

  • Thank cod my fanboyism of Nintendo died out when Skyward Sword (terrible game) came out, this would totally had pissed me off. Good thing I learn the ways of playing anything and everything worth playing from any console =D
  • ZANT!!!!! !

  • I wish this was a multiplayer PvP fighter instead of this cannon fodder stuff.

  • So if Zant is an antagonist in Twilight Princess, and he's playable in Hyrule Warriors, does that mean enemies from other Zelda games will be playable?
  • it would be a great mixture

    with consists of beautiful and colorful heroes

  • Oodles of female characters. Bravo!

  • Mod

    Let's hope Zant manages to remain cool looking throughout the whole game this time!

  • I want tingle!!!!

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