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Hyrule Warriors

Zelda Looks Chic With Sword And Bow

We’re getting some great looks at Hyrule Warriors this week, with new trailers for Link with sword and fire rod and Impa. Now, Zelda joins the fray, with rapier and bow in hand and some pretty devastating attacks that make great use of both.

As you can see, Zelda’s Musou attacks include nods to the Triforce and her skill with a bow. The Legend of Zelda-meets-Dynasty Warriors title will be out on September 26. For more, check out our hands-on impressions from E3, an interview with the team, and the title's E3 trailer.

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  • More interested in that Poe Ghost fight.

  • Are people forgetting about the new Warriors Orochi coming out for the US in October?

    It's about to release in Japan in a few days though.

  • dat pun doe...

  • Yay!

  • If they can bring a great cast for this game, I hope for a Zelda RPG!

  • This is like dynasty warriors lol


  • If Zelda can kick so much ass. Why do I have to save her so much?

  • Wow. This looks really cool. It looks fun, but I'm just worried how long the appeal of beating up crowds of enemies will last.

  • Don´t like her desing at all. Her face looks like copypasta from all the other female characters seen so far, exept the textures are differend. Her dress has too much pink and is too revealing. This game just can´t stop being one hell of a rapefest for the Zelda -serie.

    The gameplay keeps looking awfull. Enemies are basicly just standing around while your character slides through with these ridiculous dancemoves destroying everything about 20 feet away from her/him.

  • A Zelda game where players may actually get to play as Zelda. I might actually get a wii-u if this game is amazing.

  • Interesting armor placement. I forgot the abdominal region was entire useless to humans.