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Shovel Knight

Launch Trailer Digs Into Gameplay

Shovel Knight is finally arriving this week, and to celebrate, Yacht Club Games has released a launch trailer. After rocketing past its $75,000 Kickstarter goal in April 2013, Yacht Club has been hard at work finishing up the 8-bit nostalgia piece.

In his preview last year, Tim Turi described Shovel Knight as a “rock-solid hybrid of Capcom’s Duck Tales and Mega Man games.” You can see how true that is in the trailer below.

Shovel Knight will be out on June 26 for Wii U, 3DS, and PC. 

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  • I dig it.
  • Looks bad ass every time I see it.

  • I'm really looking forward to this and guacamole super turbo championship edition for Wii u. Day one buy for me.

  • Hell, who needs Mega Man (or many of the old franchises people are clamoring for) when indie devs are churning out gems like this? I hope it makes its way to Xbox at some point. On another note, game development is really effing expensive. Upwards of $75k to make an 8-bit side-scroller? Geez.
  • Getting it on Wii U.

  • My Wii U has been getting a lot of love this year, and will continue with this game in two days. I've been following this game closely. Really excited for the release.

  • This game truly looks awesome and is a huge plus for the Wii U. Jim Sterling played through the first level and sold me on it. www.youtube.com/watch

  • Looks like there is way more content than I was expecting. Definitely interested in picking this game up, but I have to make my way through my enormous back catalog first.
  • The music reminded me of Zelda in several places.

  • Dang, this game looks very impressive. A lot of love seemed to have been put into making it. A lot of sub-par indie games adopted an 8-bit artstyle to redeem themselves and prey off of our nostalgia, but this game looks like a competent and riveting throwback to the NES glory days. I know what I'll be downloading this Thursday...

  • It's nice to see some games finally coming out. I've been a bit worn out on games despite my sizable backlog (L.A. Noire, Far Cry 3, Just Cause 2 in particular), so hopefully this will reignite my interest.

  • This game is looking as awesome as ever. That guitar riff was pretty awesome, reminded me of some similar music in SotN.