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Yoshi's Woolly World

Playing Yoshi's Woolly World Is Like Wrapping Yourself In A Warm Blanket

Kirby's Epic Yarn didn't blow me away, but I definitely had fun playing it. Thankfully, Good-Feel's Yoshi based follow up feels real good, and improves on Kirby's simpler aspects.

Yoshi's Woolly World is a platformer where the entire world is made out of yarn, similar to Kirby's Epic Yarn. However, unlike Nintendo's previous stringy platformer, Yoshi and his enemies look more like beanie babies and not just silhouettes made of of a few strings. Yoshi's new game plays more like a traditional Yoshi game, too. I guess this shouldn't be surprising, since it has Yoshi's name in the title, but this detail does flesh out the gameplay in some welcome ways. Like usual, Mario's saddled dinosaur can swallow up enemies and certain environmental objects and turn them into yarn balls. Player will be able to throw these balls and wrap up certain enemies or destroy objects in the environment.

During my demo at E3, associate editor Kyle Hilliard and I tested out the co-op. You can tongue your friend and even swallow them to turn them into a yarn egg, which can be thrown at enemies or to reach far away areas. Kyle might not have liked it, but that's the cycle of life. Yoshi's Woolly World is slightly more challenging than Kirby's Epic Yarn, since you have a life bar and can technically "die," but the game still isn't crazy hard. Players will likely have the most fun by exploring the environments and collecting hidden flowers and spools of yarn. At the end of each level, players are judged on their performance based on the number of gems they collected.

There isn't much else to say about Yoshi's Woolly World, but in classic Nintendo fashion the controls are solid and the visuals are adorable. Parts of the game looks so much like a real craft project that I was almost convinced they were real, but when I reached out to touch them my hand hit the TV glass and the Nintendo representative started to laugh at me. My hand almost hit his face next, but I was so charmed with Yoshi's Woolly World that I didn't want to cause a commotion.

I can firmly confirm that Yoshi's Woolly World is a video game and not a yarn diorama that Nintendo installed at the show. It's also a fun platformer that will be sure to appease platforming fans who are happy with a more relaxed experience.

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  • This game looks amazing. Looking forward to picking it up when it comes out.

  • This game looks absolutely adorable. I can't keep the smile off my face. I must go buy a WiiU now.

  • Hopefully the next yarn game will be Metroid: Other Y.
  • This is definitely going to be a day one purchase. I'm lovin' that HD handcrafted-style art direction.

  • Not sure where to post but saw you at the Smash tourney! Was like, is that Reeves?

  • My wife loves Yoshi so this will be a MUST BUY. If I don't....she might kill me!!!

  • this looks charming as heck.

  • This game looks like it could finally be a worthy successor to Yoshi's Island on SNES.

  • How dreadfully cute. Another reason to get a Wii U. I keep putting it off, but it's pretty much inevitable.

  • You were great at the invitational tournament, Reeves!

  • I've been waiting to hear some news about this game ever since the first screenshots were posted, looks like a fun and charming title. I really have to start saving up for a Wii U now.

  • Oh, wow, that's almost too adorable. Seems like the kind of game to play anytime you're feeling even slightly down.

  • Never played Kirby's epic yarn, but watched a playthrough of it. I wished it were more competitive in co-op mode, this looks like it might be, but it also looked like it too was pooling gems into one bank.

  • I wish they would put yarn Kirby (and now Yoshi) in Smash. If they make one in 6 more years.

  • It's so CUTE!!!!!!!! Between this and the new Zelda, I am being compelled to buy a Wii U. For my son, of course... yeah, for my son...

  • Yoshi is a my favorite Nintendo character, and this game is so f**king adorable.

    I really liked Kirby's Epic Yarn, and I have no doubt that Yoshi's Wooly World will be just as interesting and awesome. I hope it is a challenging experience like a core Mario game.

  • "You can tongue your friend..." Ummm. Well, expect this to be the first M-rated Mario spinoff game.