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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

9-Minute Sonic Boom Video Looks Behind The Scenes

Sega recently announced a new take on the Sonic franchise with Sonic Boom, and a new video takes a look behind the scenes of the game's creation.

The video offers a series of interviews with the CEO of developer Big Red Button, executive producers from Sega and for the TV show as well as others. You won't see much new gameplay footage from the game, but you will see some of the concept art that lead to Sonic and pals new looks. Perhaps most importantly, however, is an explanation of why Sonic is wearing a neckerchief.

For more on Sonic Boom, head here to learn about the roots it shares with Jak & Daxter.

Thanks to new traditionalist for the news tip!

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  • They wanted a new look, so they wrapped cloth around everything.
  • I'm still trying to figure out why sonic's shoes have bands...
  • Y'know, I'm actually...feeling good about this...

    I think it's good for Sonic as a brand, as a classic character that needs to "transform" or whatever. But I'm more interested in the game than anything, so we'll see if the game holds up... I like the idea though.

    This is kind of starting to sound like a better Sonic Adventure game and I'm excited to see more.

  • Every time I hear about this game, I get that damn intro from Sonic CD stuck in my head.
  • Okay I'm not gonna lie, initially I was scepticle but now I'm intrigued. The game looks interesting and the show looks like something me and my little brother will enjoy. Definetley looking forward to Fall now ^^
  • I rather like the small clothing additions they made. Particularly the stuff for Tails.

  • I like the new look, everyone shouldn't be freaking out.

  • I'll never play this game because of the designs, since the designs are always the most important part of the game.
  • What the hell is wrong with Knuckles? All he needs is a freaking Predator mask now and the game can get a nice "M" rating

  • I really hope this game turns out really well!

  • It's been a long time since I've actually looked forward to a new Sonic game. I'm apprehensive, but interested.

  • I really hope they don't make Knuckles the brainless muscle.
  • It may have been the music playing during the video, but I'm optimistic about this game. The TV series looks like it'll be pretty good too. I always liked Sonic over Mario because he has so much personality.

  • i do have alot of doubt about this game, but after watching this i do have hope for this game. some about watching developer behind the scenes videos that make you appreciate a game so much more. except of aliens colonial marines... i like to drink a few beers and watch those behind the scenes videos and laugh my ass off. lol.

  • I hope the TV Show has the "Sonic Boom" song. Look it up, it is good.

  • Amy looks like a... Oh what's that word... I think it starts with an s...
  • This looks kind of cool but Knuckles looks a bit ridiculous.

  • I said it when it was first announced and I'll say it again: I think this game looks really cool. Personally, I was sick of the same old Sonic and gang we've been getting for years, which is one of the reasons why I haven't bought a Sonic game is a long time. But the fact that so many people are just getting hung up on the way they look now just shows you where gamers priorities lie. Who cares if they have bandages, scarfs, and are more than 4 ft tall now, just as long as the gameplay and story are fun? And I find it funny more than anything, because the same people who are complaining about the character design are probably the same people who wouldn't have bought the game even if they had their original ones. The combat they've shown looks like a newer version of Sonic Adventure, which imo was the strongest Sonic game ever made. This is the kind of game that made me glad to buy a Wii U.
  • Well, the show isn't funny. But maybe the games will be fun.

  • Well, the show isn't funny. But maybe the games will be fun.

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