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Super Smash Bros.

Zelda Confirmed For A Wii U And 3DS Super Smash Bros. Return

Longtime Super Smash Bros. combatant Zelda has been confirmed for a return to Nintendo’s arena brawler. New screenshots of Hyrule’s princess have been shared by game director Masahiro Sakurai.

In one of the images, you’ll notice what appears to be Zelda controlling a large suit of armor. This would be a new move for her repertoire. Absent from the screenshots is Zelda’s alter-ego Sheik.

Will the masked mystery be making a return as a separate character, or is this just a facet of the character that Sakurai has yet to unveil? Here’s hoping that some of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS stay a mystery before they are released. No date or release window has been confirmed for these titles.

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  • cool beans

  • Okay. But what about the eshop? I want to play Wonderful 101!

  • Awesome!! She has her abilities from Spirit Tracks. This game is getting  cooler and cooler.

  • Zelda~

  • Another predictable character. But disappointing that she's no different than the last Zelda in Smash. I would have preferred the Skyward Sword Zelda.
  • Hmm, I would have hoped to have Toon Zelda as a Character.
  • I knew it! ALBW released in Japan today. I thought this would happen

  • No surprise here, at least they gave her a new move.

  • I like her pimp-slapping Donkey Kong.
  • Wow. This Zelda design looks a bit more...um...seductive. Pretty striking. One good thing about all these obvious reveals is that they'll eventually run out...
  • Twilight Princess Zelda is my favorite. She looks so elegant and majestic, which makes her truly look like a princess.
  • Maybe that's her new Smash attack instead of the annoying one that sucks you in. Zelda did have a huge problem with moves that just sucked you in for Smash attacks, so they want to limit it to just one per character.
  • As LOZFAN1 also pointed out, that suit of armor is Zelda's Phantom from Spirit Tracks. That pretty much rules out Toon Zelda (and possibly Toon Link) but there's still a chance for Skyward Sword Zelda. Those screenshots of Link make him look more Twilight Princess than Skyward Sword to me.
  • Have link and Zelda ever gone to 2nd base? I mean like the dude goes through devilish temples and fights mystical monsters just to save her and her kingdom. She should give him SOMETHING to compensate for his troubles.
  • I don't get why everyone is assuming the phantom from Spirit Tracks is a new attack. It could simply be an assist trophy. I for one think it would be strange for Twilight Princess Zelda to have that power.
  • So she has control over one of the phantom armory from spirit tracks and phantom hourglass interesting

  • Zelda is looking pretty good in this game.
  • That Phantom is getting me hyped. I like how Ninty is pulling from a large pool of games for movesets now.

  • I am so happy that they went with the Twilight Princess design! She was my favorite incarnation of Zelda!!! For a while, I was getting concerned that she wouldn't be in the game.
  • I don't give a *** about characters that are returning SHOW ME NEW CHARACTERS
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