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Super Smash Bros.

Super Mario Galaxy’s Rosalina Coming To Super Smash Bros.

Rosalina is making her way from the Comet Observatory to the battlegrounds of Super Smash Bros. The powerful princess was announced during this morning’s Nintendo Direct.

Rosalina fights with Luma at her side, giving the other Nintendo characters a worthy foe. Rosalina has slowly been making her way through the Nintendo library, joining the race in Mario Kart and even appearing as a bonus unlockable character in Super Mario 3D World.

You can see her in action below. You can also check out the full Nintendo Direct presentation here.

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  • they better bring back captain falcon,ganondorf and zero suit samus or their be pissed off smash fans
  • I'd love to play as her. In my opinion, Super mario galaxy is one of the best games on the wii

  • Glad more characters have been announced. Doesn't look like one I will want to use much though :/

  • Very Pretty new characters lucky Rosalina interesting.

  • Someone tried to say Kirby wasn't on the roster, lol

  • I haven't seen any gameplay in a while that Rainbow Road makes it hype as hell.